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What is Els Mussols?

Els Mussols is an olive smallholding (or finca), abandoned about 50 years ago, near the village of Xerta in southern Tarragona province in Catalonia, Spain. Since the middle of 2007, we have been working hard to get it back into the production of high-quality olive oil, with no herbicides or pesticides used in the process. Els Mussols is Catalan for ‘The Owls’, and here you can hear owls almost nightly.

We aim to produce as much of our own food as we can, have a thriving organic vegetable garden and a chicken shed and run for our recently-arrived chickens. As we have no mains electricity we produce our own with a solar panel array and a wind turbine. Though we don’t have mains water, we collect enough from our roofs and we have an efficient compost toilet.

Sharing what other people say about us

One of the good things about having people visit is that if you ask them nicely, they will quite often write a short piece so we can let others know about els Mussols. So I’m starting a thread here so you don’t have to just believe us about els Mussols. All of these are posted as supplied and just edited for spelling and punctuation—I haven’t edited out the bad bits. Enjoy.

Els Mussols by the numbers (2012 Q1)

A brief review of the first quarter of 2012 with a summary of the daily information we collect every day.


A simple count of the day’s egg production from our ten laying hens (with the able assistance of our cockerel, Frank). Our theoretical maximum is therefore ten eggs per day.

January: 128 eggs (4.1 eggs/day)
February: 134 (4.6)
March: 268 (8.6)
Q1: 530 (5.8)

1st hundred: 26 days
2nd hundred: 22
3rd hundred: 20
4th hundred: 13
5th hundred: 12

Els Mussols and Social Networks

The main website for els Mussols is obviously elsmussols.org and that will always be the place for definitive information on what’s going on here, but els Mussols is not just a place and a project but people too. Those people (like many others) use various social networking websites to keep contact and share information with friends, family and those interested in what we're doing here.

This post will hopefully help explain who does what, where and why. We also make use of various types of funky website interactions and things that are posted in one place automagically end up somewhere else as well; this post will also try to explain a little of that magick.

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