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new Doctor

!TV series point Just watched the first new one. Thoughts?
you can have it and eat it

!Music This song came up in another context, but this is too good an opportunity to miss:

Cake - i will survive
by Francisco Cusi on YouTube

My favourite quote about this: "I am sorry Gloria, but discerning gay men prefer Cake".

And as is common with most of my stuff, the bass on this is #a-word.

#cake #gloriagaynor
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a year ago

I am reminded that I wrote this a year ago. I stand by it and much that has happened since is just confirmation. Whether you are pro- or anti-independence (or agnostic), the nature and actions of the Spanish state through this debacle have shown how little distance there is between now and the end of the dictatorship.

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a random comment on the Catalunya situation
Quote of the day:

I accept all the internationalism, less borders not more, the state solution is not the solution etc, but being part of Spain is like being handcuffed to a rotting corpse.
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get off my lawn

I am listening to a podcast (identity irrelevant) which is a discussion around the political themes in a particular piece of art (a feature film in this case). The participants are all 20-something USofAmericans. I have got 25 minutes and they have yet to complete a sentence without wandering off into "like", "ya know", "sort of" diversions and never making it back to the original point. Absolutely infuriating to listen to.
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AirBNB isn't easy all the time

@els Mussols  That moment when you're waiting in the square at a prearranged time for guests and they say they're going to be two hours late.
olive harvesting

At the end of the day @els Mussols is an olive finca. Harvesting time is coming and we are looking for folks to come and help.

We need help for the last week of October and the first two weeks of November. It's hard but fun work. We provide (free) accommodation and we eat communally.

Anyone up for an unusual holiday?

Ask questions...
Where is that? I would like to but I am here crossing the Atlantic ocean in Colombia :P
Catalunya (or Spain if you prefer).
i'd love to, but i have to be in cabo and then jamaica that time period.. next year though i will do it if you still need help.
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listen to it

Latest in what is becoming a semi-regular series: "Episodes of Revolutionary Left Radio that are really good".

So from the excellent Revolutionary Left Radio, an interview with a comrade from the Working Class History collective.

Especially good on the Republican's shafting of the revolution (yes I'm looking at you Communist Party, Socialist Party and Catalan Nationalists).

The Spanish Civil War
shownotes: Spanish Civil War
mp3 download

#revolutionaryleftradio #workingclasshistory
I've also plugged this podcast in another place and someone followed the merchandise link. I very rarely do the "I want one" thing but, but seriously, how could I not:

Make Catalonia Anarchist Again cap

What's to dislike Whistlewright?
I must have fat fingered while clicking links and looking around. Sorry. I will probably be listening to the Spanish Civil War one in a day or two. There is also one on there about a mutiny during Vietnam which caught my eye
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because Europe is stressing about the weather

!music !Music  The question on everyone's lips is:

Sultans of ping F.C Wheres me Jumper
by Threeothree33 on YouTube

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:guitar Irish punk?
trust me, I'm a multinational...

India Mortgaged? Forced-Fed Illness and the Neoliberal Food Regime

Like many countries, India’s food system was essentially clean just a generation or two ago but is now being comprehensively contaminated with sugar, bad fats, synthetic additives, GMOs and pesticides under the country’s neoliberal ‘great leap forward’. The result has been a surge in obesity, diabetes and cancer incidence, while there has been no let-up in the under-nutrition of those too poor to join in the over-consumption.

Not much to disagree with in this article.

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Follow up article: India: The State of Independence.

Update Also very good.
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There were some issues over the weekend with an alert showing up when I logged in but I see you updated recently and that seemed to fix that. As far as the slow issue, I can't answer honestly as my paranoia has kicked in again and I sign through tor and tor is the paradigm for slow. Having said that, it didn't seem any slower to me today.
It seems there are some improvements that could be made to the nginx config. I will be battering at the Support channel door tomorrow when I've managed to have a trawl through the config.

cow pat bustin'

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H;mmm quería yo escribir a este chico, pero al pinchar en su nombre me dice "requested channel not available", antes y después de authentica as remote user.
Anyway: será casualidad, tu nombre era el de uno de los personajes de Desperate Housewives, que me encantó hasta el punto de conseguir verlo otra vez con mi chico. El tal Carlos era mala gente sobre todo al principio, creo que fue uno de los personajes más memorables, con escenas muy graciosas, otras muy bonitas. Saludos :)
overused clichés

Today's two are:

  • "I didn't know whether to laugh or cry"
  • "I was speechless."

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: In Trump's Universe Everybody Loves Space Force