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H;mmm quería yo escribir a este chico, pero al pinchar en su nombre me dice "requested channel not available", antes y después de authentica as remote user.
Anyway: será casualidad, tu nombre era el de uno de los personajes de Desperate Housewives, que me encantó hasta el punto de conseguir verlo otra vez con mi chico. El tal Carlos era mala gente sobre todo al principio, creo que fue uno de los personajes más memorables, con escenas muy graciosas, otras muy bonitas. Saludos :)
overused clichés

Today's two are:

  • "I didn't know whether to laugh or cry"
  • "I was speechless."

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: In Trump's Universe Everybody Loves Space Force
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Test from AndHub

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First post from AndHub...
It has been stable for me. Just updated again. @muppeth does it have a channel? If no, care to start one?
I have using it for some days and it has worked flawlessly, I'd say
does it have a channel? If no, care to start one?

There is no real rush for a dedicated channel to follow about the app. By mentioning the Hubzilla Development forum and the Disroot Community Forum in posts, a large number of interested people can be reached already.

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Rob Cordemans is the best pitcher I have ever seen live. I went round Amsterdam's stadium that evening and just watched from behind home plate, and both 1st and 3rd baselines. I was so engrossed my scorecard is a complete mess.

Mister BaseballMister Baseball wrote the following post Mon, 18 Jun 2018 12:30:57 +0200
Rob Cordemans sets new Strikeout All-Time Record in Netherlands
Veteran right-hander Rob Cordemans set a new all-time strikeout record in the Dutch Hoofdklasse this past weekend. With eight strikeouts against DSS he reached 1,949 for his career, passing Bart Volkerijk (1,948) in first place. In 2012 Cordemans already had passed Volkerijk to become the wins leader in Netherlands baseball. Right now he stands at […]
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what goes around comes around

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Probably time to give Canadian Bacon a rewatch.
months between tunes

@Music+ Just realized, sorry, won't happen again. An oldie that I'm sure I've posted before but, people, dig the Hammond...

The Turtles - Buzzsaw
by WhoStoleMyJacket on YouTube

#theturtles #hammond
Leslie 122 (dual speed).  A "Bozz-Tone" (fuzzbox) on the bass guitar. So 1968.

I'm curious about the pitch change on the bass. There was a 6-string bass with a whammy bar (Vista-Sonic) in 1962 but it was even rarer than the original Les Paul Flying V guitar. The Turtles may have had one, but I'm guessing he just used the "poor man's whammy bar" technique and bent the neck until the pitch dropped. You could also detune using the tuners but in this tune it returned too quickly to the correct pitch. Hard to say for certain. Jim Pons (the bass player) has been seen with several different instruments so he could've been a collector; but based on his later work with Frank Zappa I'd say his style was certainly innovative and it was probably the poor man technique.
something to do in between the Giro and the Tour that isn't the World Cup

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It feels good that the Major Leagues are tangential (but still interesting) to my baseball interests these days. Also cycling.

Mister BaseballMister Baseball wrote the following post Tue, 05 Jun 2018 11:22:06 +0200
European Champions Cup 2018 starts on Wednesday in Rotterdam
The 2018 European Champions Cup will start on Wednesday in Rotterdam with the final scheduled for Sunday. Curacao Neptunus and its Family Stadium – home of the World Port Tournament – will be the hosts of the top event in European club baseball. One game each day will also be played in Capelle Ijssel, home […]
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things slow you down

@els Mussols Not in my plan this morning: dropping a breeze block on my big toe. Cold water, ibuprofen and arnica cream have been applied.
Here's hoping you bounce back soon.
Thank you all.
You picked a hell of a way to break the stereotype about punk rock anarchists and steel toed boots.  May Asprina, the Goddess of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatories, smile warmly upon you and your injury and grant you a speedy recovery!
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hey, how is your spanish ...

Hi Paul. So good that I can use this space. Gosh your beard has gone long ... Wanted to ask you, sorry to nag you... How comfortably can you read this spanish?

oops long link.
If not, it will be an incentive to translate it into English faster :)
Hi @ana & @ana [es]

My reading Spanish is fine, but translated stuff is always a bonus in my book. I have connected to your Spanish channel. And you're welcome ;-)
Thank you :)
will translate my last posts soon :)
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some bubbles need bursting

This article is not long but worth a read of the full thing. Chock full of clear-thinking and bullshit clearing.

OffGuardianOffGuardian wrote the following post Tue, 08 May 2018 21:00:57 +0200
Gina Haspel and the Normalising of Torture
Gina Haspel and the Normalising of Torture

Gina Haspel is almost certainly going to be the next director of the CIA. This shouldn't happen, but it will.

For those unfamiliar: Haspel was deputy head of the Agency under now-secretary of state Mike Pompeo. But that wasn't her first job. She also oversaw the CIA torture programme in a secret black-site in Thailand. In 2005 she was promoted (probably because she's really good at torturing people), and was then in charge of the CIA's global network of torture sites.

This makes her a terrible person, but probably quite a good CIA agent.
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proper public holiday

Happy International Workers' Day comrades!

I also thought it about time that the #rebelpeasant hashtag was resurrected.
Mutually, i congratulate you too!
Also, with the coming Valpurgis night you!
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nuance is a rare gift

Revolutionary Left Radio is rapidly becoming one of my favourite listens. The presenter, Brett O'Shay approaches leftist theory in a heroically non-sectarian way. This post is prompted by the fact that the latest issue is On Syria: Civil War and U.S. Imperialism which is the most nuanced, coherent and intelligent thing I've heard on the whole Syria tragedy in ages. I've cut my ties to BBC News and The Guardian over Syria coverage and it is a relief to hear something that isn't simplistic and gung ho.

Syria episode download
RevLeftRadio podcast feed

Its sibling podcast: The Guillotine (which concentrates more on current events rather than theory) is also required listening with absolutely top-notch ranting from the excellent Dr Bones.

The Guillotine podcast feed

#revleftradio #theguillotine
beware wading too deeply into log files

@Hubzilla Support Forum+ Whilst wading around in php.out trying to sort @Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum) 's file upload problem, I notice tonnes of lines like this:

[25-Apr-2018 22:15:47 Europe/Madrid] PHP Warning:  rand() expects parameter 1 to be integer, float given in /var/www/hubzilla/Zotlabs/Lib/Enotify.php on line 757
[25-Apr-2018 22:15:47 Europe/Madrid] PHP Warning:  rand() expects parameter 1 to be integer, float given in /var/www/hubzilla/Zotlabs/Lib/Enotify.php on line 758

Does this mean anything important? I know not, but I thought I should bring it up.
I didn't think there were any 32-bit systems remaining. Will have a fix after brekky.
I still use a 32-bit .
useful tool

I have a gripe about the internet -- the wide-spreading hiding of RSS feeds. I have just solved one subset of my problems and the answer to the question: "How the heck do I find an RSS feed for my podcatcher on this Soundcloud channel I want to follow?"

Solution: Get RSS feeds from SoundCloud & iTunes urls.

I would like it to be noted that I never ask the question: "How the heck do I find an RSS feed for my podcatcher on this iTunes thing I want to follow?"

 podcast  rss
Most companies either stopped providing feeds or made them more difficult to access because it allows people to see a lot of the important content from their website without actually using their website and seeing ads and getting tracked and analysed and manipulated.
In Firefox:
1 View source
2 Find "atom" or "rss".
with very few exceptions I do it like this:
stop listening to them.