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loading times

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One member at is reporting painfully slow initial page loading times. Are others seeing this?
There were some issues over the weekend with an alert showing up when I logged in but I see you updated recently and that seemed to fix that. As far as the slow issue, I can't answer honestly as my paranoia has kicked in again and I sign through tor and tor is the paradigm for slow. Having said that, it didn't seem any slower to me today.
It seems there are some improvements that could be made to the nginx config. I will be battering at the Support channel door tomorrow when I've managed to have a trawl through the config.

Test from AndHub

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First post from AndHub...
the Hubzilla Matrix room wrote:
The repo doesn't work as it should. For the latest build you better check this nextcloud link

We are working on an other repo.
It appears it is now called Nomad, isn't it?
It would seem that that is the will of the people.
beware wading too deeply into log files

@Hubzilla Support Forum+ Whilst wading around in php.out trying to sort @Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum) 's file upload problem, I notice tonnes of lines like this:

[25-Apr-2018 22:15:47 Europe/Madrid] PHP Warning:  rand() expects parameter 1 to be integer, float given in /var/www/hubzilla/Zotlabs/Lib/Enotify.php on line 757
[25-Apr-2018 22:15:47 Europe/Madrid] PHP Warning:  rand() expects parameter 1 to be integer, float given in /var/www/hubzilla/Zotlabs/Lib/Enotify.php on line 758

Does this mean anything important? I know not, but I thought I should bring it up.
I didn't think there were any 32-bit systems remaining. Will have a fix after brekky.
I still use a 32-bit .
am I enjoying having a personal wiki?

Yes I am. Definitely.
Michael wrote:
It's like having a second brain.

It's like having a second brain in the first place.
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I gotta say, for as little as I've contributed in actual code to this project, it genuinely makes me happy that the wiki has turned out to be so useful and fun for people. I'm also happy that Mike and Mario re-wrote all of that code to make it, you know, work properly :-D
attention all ships

After four years is shutting down. This will happen on Monday 09 April 2018, sometime in the morning (CEST (UTC+2)).

Anyone with content still on there that they would like to get off, this is your chance.

My identity is now on my Hubzilla instance: elmussol. It is possible that I have missed moving some of my Diaspora and Friendica connections. If I have missed you and you'd still like the connection, please connect there.

els Mussols is also on the new server, so you don't have to lose the egg count.
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after 4 years and  a closed site/hub   elmussol (channel) is still  here... And you ( that use other software/network) ?
You #GotZoT ?
No ?! Ahi ahi ahi :facepalm
still thinking about adding some zot features to the main spraci site here
(obviously the hubzilla instance already has zot but thinking it would be nice to add openwebauth and federation features directly into
- still interested in getting federation for events listings going)
who do I believe?

@Hubzilla Support Forum+ I am getting conflicting info.

my admin page wrote:
Pending registrations   1

my account page wrote:
Registrations waiting for confirm
No registrations.
Thanks. It will appear in stable at some point, good enough for me.
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You can remove the single row in the register table of your DB if you get impatient.
words of wisdom #5,287

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This is worth filing away for a future data. Priceless.

Mike MacgirvinMike Macgirvin wrote the following post Mon, 26 Mar 2018 21:05:04 +0200
You can provide a comma separated list of sections to uexport and get a smaller json file. The default sections are channel,connections,config,apps,chatrooms,events,webpages,mail,wikis,choices

You will need channel and config and you'll probably want connections in the very first file. You can export other things later and import them after your channel has been created.  Just visit /import while logged into the channel and provide any additional files.

Mike wrote:
My bad.,config,connections

..and it works with you?
You tried?
My basic json imported OK and I did the import of content in monthly pieces all of which worked. I know however that the above is going to be useful at some point. Just my way of bookmarking it.

If you don't fancy trying it, please try again once the box that has the elsmussols running has less going on. I have to give red.elsmussols members the opportunity to move their stuff before I shut it down.
Redmatrix Photo Migrator 1.0

@Hubzilla Support Forum+ I have this plugin enabled as I would like to get as much content as possible off The documentation for this plugin is spartan:

Migrate photo albums from Redmatrix to Hubzilla

Author: Mike Macgirvin

Maintainer: Mike Macgirvin

If I get a clue on how to use it, I might very well document it.
Instructions: Visit /redphotos on your site while logged in. Fill out the form and submit.
That worked. Thank you.
redfiles worked in exactly the same way obviously.
import items

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@Hubzilla Support Forum+ I wish, after cloning and moving my primary location to here, import my previous content. So I go to:


Select elmussol-2014.json (3.5Mb exported from parlementum not red.elsmussols) and hit the button. Takes a while to send the request and then:

Nothing to import..

Mmmmm. I have logging turned on and can make the json file available if required.
Month by month seems to be working :-)
We can't actually trap that error because PHP just runs out of memory and dies and there's nothing we can really do to detect it happening ahead of time or stop it or try to recover. I think there are some notes on the export page to try month by month if you run into difficulty. If there were a few more motivated developers lurking about I'd ask if somebody could look into implementing streaming JSON exports/imports, which won't have these kinds of problems and should be able to handle a few gigabytes in one go.
The import_items page does suggest monthly if problems arise. I have just completed @elmussol and @els Mussols is tomorrow's task.
php 7 vs php 5.6

@Hubzilla Support Forum+ The machine I run this Hubzilla instance has this:

root@pendle:~# php -v                                                                                                                                                       
PHP 5.6.30-0+deb8u1 (cli) (built: Feb  8 2017 09:49:20)                                                                                                                    
Copyright (c) 1997-2016 The PHP Group                                                                                                                                      
Zend Engine v2.6.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2016 Zend Technologies                                                                                                              
    with Zend OPcache v7.0.6-dev, Copyright (c) 1999-2016, by Zend Technologies

At the moment it also runs email, Nextcloud and Red Matrix (which will be taken down as soon as the Hubzilla instance is 100% ready for use).

I want to run php 7, it is an apt-get install away. What are the issues I need to think about in advance of this transition generally, and specifically with respect to Hubzilla and Red Matrix?
Running my node on PHP 7.2.4 with no problems so far.
Running my node on PHP 7.2, nginx and Postgresql 10 without critical issues.
i;m running on 7.2 as well. but he said he was using what's in his distribution. which is 7.0.
almost Hubzilla

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@Hubzilla Support Forum+ is almost there. Cert sorted, nginx sorted, db sorted, installed, create account -- all good. I try to create new channel and I get a fail. I try to import from file elmussol.json (5Mb) exported from parlementum and I get:

The form security token was not correct. This probably happened because the form has been opened for too long (>3 hours) before submitting it.
I couldn't find any obvious reason why you'd get a security token error and if it did, why it would create a channel at all. Something is really not right but I can't figure out what the heck it is.  It's somewhat difficult to recover gracefully from a failed clone operation - so to try again you're almost better off wiping the DB clean and re-installing.

> I try to create new channel and I get a fail.

The exact error from this one would be useful, though we're probably a bit late for that.
I just poked around a bit and your channel seems to exist and work on the new site. Magic auth works. The normal interfaces are responding. I'm actually not seeing anything really seriously wrong.
So I think we'll go with that then. Thanks for poking Mike.
so what's the deal with all the old posts?

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Why, oh why, oh why are all my old posts appearing in your timeline? As one of the last people on earth to running a RedMatrix instance I have been slow at Hubzilla adoption. Not for any other reason than I already work to hard, sysadmin makes my head hurt and RedMatrix still works brilliantly.

But Parlementum (where my clone is) is closing down and I have received enough kicks in the arse now to make the Hubzilla happen. Unfortunately I suspect there are too many database changes between latest RedMatrix and Hubzilla to make a cloning to my new instance successful. So I am making sure that all my stuff is on Parlementum and using that export to clone to my new instance.

So, tough ;-)
the spamming is fine :) it's more  about doing away with headaches innit ... some times i have felt secretly relieved when loosing some kind of massive archives of information ...
Hoping for the rebirth of the #eggcount
regarding database changes ,,, had the same problem . but set this hubziilla instance up a while ago ...

though up until only a couple of weeks ago the old red instance here was also still working...

before the big server crash (not red or hubzilla related .. only clues I found were a few lines in syslog which looked like a hardware problem - followed by mysql errors that looked like it was having trouble reading the hard drive ,,,

if it was hard drive failure not the first time that happened to me .. but given that was 15 yeas sgo not looking like "often" or wierd more like just "shit happens". ..

that vps wouldn't restart so now on a new debian 9 vps slowly putting things back together ..

getting the hubzilla instance back up was nice and easy btw..
just copied across the files across from the old debian 6 drive and and it pretty much just worked
including the database (nice feature of myisam :-))  ..  probably not the recommended way but quck and more up-to-date data than I could get from a few-days-old
backup files that would have taken ages to upload .. and it being mysql on the old vps and mariadb on the new one didnt matter ,
no signs of trouble there..

so pretty much copied it all across and it just worked ..

wishing more other things could more often be that easy :-)

I havent restored the old red instance though probably not harder to do probably not needed as I've been using the hubzilla instance more for a while now anyway.
(probably due for an update soon though)

Parlementum goes squiffy

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@Hubzilla Support Forum+ @Charles Roth MPC has asked me to ask. Parlementum is having a bad day:

Fatal error: Namespace declaration statement has to be the very first statement or after any declare call in the script in /srv/http/ on line 8

Neither server software nor Hubzilla code updated. Pointers appreciated.
service apache2 restart ?
Please check that there have been no modifications in index.php. This is some kind of syntax error.
another tiny step

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@Hubzilla Support Forum+  The ability to export your posts in monthly chunks is known about. I however don't see the mechanism for importing more than one. (Yes, if this works, the #egg count data will not be lost to the internet.)
As far as I recall last time I did that, you just keep importing files one-by-one.
Month by month, or even year by year if the size of each exported file is around 1 megabyte, I don't think that you will have problems.
now here's a question

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People who've known me for some time will know that my progress along this road we're following Mike down is fitful. Those bursts of activity are usually triggered by outside forces and I've been pussyfooting around getting Hubzilla up and running for some time.

Today an outside force bumped into me. For the first time in ages I've been asked to consider doing a website for someone. This might be the push I need to get Hubzilla up and running. I don't know the full job yet but the woman in question's husband has the following website: Top Cat Fishing and "I want something like this".

So my first big question is: Is Hubzilla up to doing pages like the static ones on this site? (We will leave aside the question of whether I am up to it at this point).
Yes, Paul, this very doable with Hubzilla. :-)
The page content type itself is text/HTML, the layout is just the regular Zen template, done like this.






a new perspective

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@Channel_One+ Worth sharing from a new person's perspective.

Michael McKinseyMichael McKinsey wrote the following post Fri, 17 Jul 2015 23:16:51 +0200
Redmatrix vs Hubzilla branding (and my impressions of the project whatever it is called)
On the general discussion of this topic of names (hopefully someone will link this to somewhere it is in context somehow) - my wife who is not exactly in the know about such things as OSS projects, said she liked the sound of redmatrix more than hubzilla.  I personally am probably more of your target market (I am a multi decade sysadmin and dev planning on using redmatrix as the basis for authentication and communication for a project I am working on and I think it is perfect), and the name makes little difference to me.  It is filling the space where I was dreading having to implement OpenAM or something similar and something like Exo, and then try to figure out how to get cross domain authentication working, which I have spent countless hours messing with, and in 1 day r# fills the rolls as well or better than those would have regardless of if they ever worked as designed (which they did not).

One thought I have is there are so many zillas I think it is almost meaningless at this point, where matrix does mean something and represents what at this early stage of my involvement, I think the project is.  I guess there is some history you are trying to escape, but just one on one, redmatrix vs. hubzilla, I think redmatrix is a much better name, and I was not aware of the history.

Whatever you call it, this protocol, and project, is an absolute oasis for me, as for what I am working on, r# out of the box this takes care of several big pieces that were giving me fits trying to implement other ways.