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I've spent quite a lot of time working in Scribus over the last few days producing flow charts for a local business and setting up templates for some proofreading work that's going to happen in April.

I've spent a good deal of my working life earning my living working with Quark XPress on Macs. My last job in the UK was using Quark 6.5 and I have struggled to find anything I used to be able to do in Quark then that I can't in Scribus now. Obviously Quark is a few versions on and I don't know what it can do now, but it struck me that Scribus is now one of those "you can do proper work in this now" free software things.

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We've all had those tech jobs where you do a thing you've done a number of times before, followed the same process and it doesn't work for some reason or another.

I spent two days setting up an AP-repeater earlier this week, checking and rechecking the damn thing and finally had to admit defeat. It made me doubt everything I knew about wireless/networking stuff and I felt really deflated and defeated. This was especially galling as I am hoping to provide some online services for this woman in the very near future.

I went to see her today to talk about something else and she dropped into the conversation just as I was leaving: "Oh, we had the guys who did the original wifi installation in yesterday—faulty hardware…"
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It was only after I had exhausted absolutely everything I could possibly think of that I admitted defeat. It became a good display of tenacity to my client if I want to put a further good gloss on the incident.
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I think I've persuaded someone to go with me for various internet services. First up email. So task is transfering from Outlook 2003 and POP to Thunderbird and IMAP. Anyone done this? (Goes without saying, I hope, to retain existing archive seamlessly.)
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"Do you know where your kids are at 1AM in the morning?" -- too tired to dig out the tune...