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Rob Cordemans is the best pitcher I have ever seen live. I went round Amsterdam's stadium that evening and just watched from behind home plate, and both 1st and 3rd baselines. I was so engrossed my scorecard is a complete mess.

Mister BaseballMister Baseball wrote the following post Mon, 18 Jun 2018 12:30:57 +0200
Rob Cordemans sets new Strikeout All-Time Record in Netherlands
Veteran right-hander Rob Cordemans set a new all-time strikeout record in the Dutch Hoofdklasse this past weekend. With eight strikeouts against DSS he reached 1,949 for his career, passing Bart Volkerijk (1,948) in first place. In 2012 Cordemans already had passed Volkerijk to become the wins leader in Netherlands baseball. Right now he stands at […]
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something to do in between the Giro and the Tour that isn't the World Cup

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It feels good that the Major Leagues are tangential (but still interesting) to my baseball interests these days. Also cycling.

Mister BaseballMister Baseball wrote the following post Tue, 05 Jun 2018 11:22:06 +0200
European Champions Cup 2018 starts on Wednesday in Rotterdam
The 2018 European Champions Cup will start on Wednesday in Rotterdam with the final scheduled for Sunday. Curacao Neptunus and its Family Stadium – home of the World Port Tournament – will be the hosts of the top event in European club baseball. One game each day will also be played in Capelle Ijssel, home […]
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everyone's favourite Spaceman

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@The Old Ball Game+  
Infoshop News wrote the following post Wed, 31 Aug 2016 16:14:49 +0200

SPACEMAN: Of Roadkill & Governors


Bill Lee Seeks To Be Labor’s Anti-Candidate In 2016 Vermont Governors’ Race

By Dave Van Deusen*
Special to Infoshop News

Montpelier, Vermont, 8/23/16 -- Anyone who grew up in New England or Quebec in the 1970s, any baseball fan really, knows tales of the Spaceman. Pitching for the Boston Red Sox from 1969-1978 and the Montreal Expos from 1979-1982, yarns of Bill sprinkling “marijuana dust” on his pancakes to help him cope with big city bus fumes abound. We Vermonters know him as an adoptive (and eccentric) favorite son, involving himself politically in support of single payer healthcare and endorsing Anthony Pollina’s own 2008 run for governor. Now the Spaceman is running for Governor in his own right; as the candidate of the Vermont Liberty Union Party. To his right is Republican Phil Scott. Also to his right is Democrat Sue Minter. Bill may be one part conservative but he is also two parts socialist (and three parts tell-it-like-it-is or should be maverick). His name recognition is strong enough to cause concern among some Democratic Party insiders (will he draw votes from Minter?), and his policy positions are out-side-the-box enough to, perhaps, gain interest among working class voters who may otherwise lean towards racecar driving Scott. With a campaign war chest of 20 bucks (American – not Canadian), he may be something greater than long shot to win, but what he lacks in traditional political advantages he makes up for in candor. All told, he is the curveball in this year’s election. And oh, he also wants the vote of the union worker.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Bill, by phone, while he was in in New Brunswick, Canada, doing a community fund raiser with former ball player Matt Stairs.

Dave Van Deusen: Bill, I appreciate your out-spokeness on issues, and your time with the Sox, and somewhat with the Expos (I’m more of a Sox guy myself). I understand you are running for Governor of Vermont and would welcome the vote of union workers.

Spaceman Bill Lee: [Look,] I have created more millionaires [out of working people] then anybody in the history of unions. I took the money from the billionaires [owners] and gave it to [Major League Baseball] players.

Van Deusen: let’s talk about that. You were playing during the 81’ strike, right?

Spaceman: Yes, I was elected Player Rep [for the players union] in 70’ for the American League, after Gary Peters was going to be released, and then in two years I was the head Rep for the American League [serving with Marvin] Miller, & Dick Moss; Joe Torre was the rep for the National League. [Together] we started arbitration, we started free agency with the Sykes decision and basically opened up [pay] from [a minimum of] $9500 a year pay to $502,000 [a year] where they are right now.

Van Deusen: Perhaps many people don’t understand that before the MLB Players Association really got strong, under Marvin Miller, the average pay was something like nine thousand bucks a year. Is that accurate? I remember reading Ball Four [by Jim Bouton], great book, where he talks about that; same kind of wages guys were getting working at a non-union warehouse.

Spaceman: Yes. And eventually we [MLB ball players] got to be where we made 8 times more the average worker. Then it jumped highly after free agency. I got very upset that they were making too much money. That’s my socialist views under Eugene Debbs. I kinda wanted to give some of the money back, or redistribute it through the minor league/AAA, but the major leagues would have nothing to do with that. Then I got up to the 81’ strike, and I was basically gone cause the 82’ season came and I got released in May from Montreal for sticking up for .....
opening day

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@Baseball+ @The Old Ball Game+ (which one of these is active?) Not just MLB, it's happening all over but here's the one I'm interested in.

Mister BaseballMister Baseball wrote the following post Thu, 07 Apr 2016 21:00:45 +0200
Dutch Hoofdklasse starts into 2016 Season on Thursday
Dutch Hoofdklasse starts into 2016 Season on Thursday

The Dutch Hoofdklasse is starting this Thursday into the 2016 season with four games. Eight teams will compete for the championship, while the usual suspects Curacap Neptunus and L&D Amsterdam are the main favorites to win it all. The Vaessen Pioniers and Corendon Kinheim also hope to have a say in the title race. Additionally HCAW Bussum, UVV, DSS and the promoted Oosterhout Twins complete the field in the league.

The format hasn’t changed to the previous season. Once again the top two teams from the first half and the second half will clinch spots in the semi-final round robin. This could change for 2017. According to reports from the opening press conference this week, KNBSB is planning workshops to find a possible new format for next year’s campaign.

In week one Corendon Kinheim hosts HCAW Bussum. Defending champion Curacao Neptunus travels to Oosterhout to take on the Twins. UVV plays against DSS. L&D Amsterdam squares off with the Vaessen Pioniers. The opening series continue on Saturday and Sunday.

Schedule Week 1:

Thursday 14 april
    De Glaskoning Twins    Curaçao Neptunus    Neptunus Familiestadion, Rotterdam        19:30    Image/photo
    Kinheim    HCAW    Pim Mulierstadion, Haarlem        19:30    Image/photo
    L&D Amsterdam Pirates    Vaessen Pioniers    Sportpark Ookmeer, Amsterdam        19:30    Image/photo
    UVV    DSS    Sportpark De Paperclip, Vleuten        19:30    Image/photo
Saturday 16 april
    De Glaskoning Twins    Curaçao Neptunus    Sportpark De Slotbosse Toren, Oosterhout nb        14:00    Image/photo
    Kinheim    HCAW    Pim Mulierstadion, Haarlem        14:00    Image/photo
    L&D Amsterdam Pirates    Vaessen Pioniers    Sportpark Ookmeer, Amsterdam        14:00    Image/photo
    UVV    DSS    Sportpark De Paperclip, Vleuten        14:00    Image/photo
Sunday 17 april
    Curaçao Neptunus    De Glaskoning Twins    Neptunus Familiestadion, Rotterdam        14:00    Image/photo
    DSS    UVV    Pim Muliersportpark, Haarlem        14:00    Image/photo
    HCAW    Kinheim    Sportvallei Zanderijweg, Bussum        14:00    Image/photo
    Vaessen Pioniers    L&D Amsterdam Pirates    Sportpark Pioniers, Hoofddorp        14:00    Image/photo
the inexplicable

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@Baseball+ This really reminds me of trying to explain the game to British people...

XKCD ( u n o f f i c i a l )XKCD ( u n o f f i c i a l ) wrote the following post Wed, 21 Oct 2015 14:18:02 +0200
#### Play-By-Play


The thrower started hitting the bats too much, so the king of the game told him to leave and brought out another thrower from thrower jail.

take excitement where you can

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@The Old Ball Game+ Frankly when you're a Blue Jays fan, you take excitement when you can. I am presently excited.

Soaring Blue Jays have got Toronto – and Canada – back in love with baseball


Canada’s only MLB team have not made the postseason in 21 years but as current leaders of the American League East the team are enthusing legions of fans
Spokane does it right

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@The Old Ball Game+ Seems worth a reshare.

Charles Roth MPCCharles Roth MPC wrote the following post Thu, 02 Jul 2015 02:17:33 +0200
Our local #baseball team, The Spokane Indians, wearing their uniforms in native Salish.


@The Old Ball Game+
a more realistic view

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@The Old Ball Game+ I agree with most of this especially the bit about the European Championship competition, which should be great.

Mister BaseballMister Baseball wrote the following post Wed, 13 May 2015 16:59:26 +0200
A critical View about the Euro League Baseball by Riccardo Schiroli
A critical View about the Euro League Baseball by Riccardo Schiroli

By Riccardo Schiroli

Image/photoI start from here: I do not think a European League will ever happen in baseball. I do not even think it makes much sense, in baseball or any other sport.

This comes from the guts.

I was born in Italy in 1963, my education comes partly from England, I went to Summer School in Germany and I have been travelling through Europe since I was 18. I feel European, but I would never give up the rivalry with the French or the Germans, the misunderstandings with the Spaniards when I am convinced I can speak their language and they are convinced they can speak mine even if we never studied them, the way the Englishmen put on weight when they come to eat real food in southern Europe. And I am positive many Europeans feel like I do.

Let’s now get to what comes from the brain.

I read the press release of the European Association of Professional Baseball. I have a few questions:

1) Isn’t that “professional” quite a bold adjective? I have no clue of the existence of professional baseball anywhere in Europe

2) Did you guys think of involving at all International or National Federations? Because for instance in Italy, there’s no chance of playing professional baseball games if not organized by a Federation that has professional sports included into the Statutes. This is simply an example.

3) What kind of format do you have in mind? Because for San Marino to go play in Rotterdam makes it a 1,390 KMs trip and for Barcelona to go play in Rouen makes it a 1,155 KMs trip. And Barcelona to San Marino is not at all that close (1,265 KMs). It is simply another example.

4) Which TV Channels are involved? Because the European competitions that thrive (like UEFA’s Champions League) do so basically on TV rights.

On a final note, this comes from the baseball fan.

We have a tournament in European baseball that is potentially a great event. I mean the European Championship for Clubs. Incredible as it may seem, everybody is trying to destroy it. The top clubs because it costs money, the clubs from the less developed baseball countries because they never get to face the top clubs, the Confederation of European Baseball (CEB), because they are trying to agree with everybody and this way they make everybody unhappy.

There’s one thing I need to admit, though. We are putting together a terrific effort: the one that aims to kill baseball in Europe. And unfortunately, we may succeed.

Photo by Walter Keller,
the thick plottens

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@The Old Ball Game+ Now this makes the rumours of the other day a whole load more interesting. Real names and some of the biggest teams in Europe. This one is worth watching.

Mister BaseballMister Baseball wrote the following post Fri, 08 May 2015 22:36:29 +0200
European Association of Professional Baseball founded in Amsterdam on Friday
European Association of Professional Baseball founded in Amsterdam on Friday


Press Release European Association of Professional Baseball

Image/photoOn Friday May 8, 2015 a meeting with representatives of San Marino Baseball, Rouen Huskies, Vaessen Pioniers (Hoofddorp) and Curaçao Neptunus (Rotterdam) resulted in the founding of the European Association of Professional Baseball which aims to start a new league called Euro League Baseball (ELB) as soon as 2016.

Co Haspels, Peter van ‘t Klooster (both Pioniers), Jerry van den Oever (Neptunus), Keino Perez, Owen Ozanich (both Rouen) and Mauro Mazzotti of San Marino joined the founders meeting with Wim van den Hurk (Initiator and President), Jan van der Sande (Press Officer) and Jan Maarten Kops (Initiator) in Amsterdam.

Non attending members are CB Barcelona, Templiers-Senart (France), Buchbinder Legionäre Regensburg (Germany), CBS Sant Boi (Spain).

Prospective members expected to be confirmed soon, are Unipol Bologna (Italy) and Heidenheim Heideköpfe (Germany).

During the meeting the members discussed the proposed format of the league, its structure, team roster expansion, budgets and logistics. Although a lot of hurdles has to be overcome, all participants were unanimous about the needs for new developments in European baseball.

The Association will now start to inform National and International Federations about its plans.

On the photo from left to right: Jerry van den Oever (Curaçao Neptunus), Owen Ozanich (Rouen Huskies), Wim van den Hurk (Initiator and President), Jan van der Sande (Press Officer), Mauro Mazzotti (San Marino), Keino Perez (Rouen Huskies), Co Haspels (Vaessen Pioniers), Peter van ‘t Klooster (Vaessen Pioniers)
Rumor: European Pro Baseball League for 2016 planned

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@The Old Ball Game+ Won't happen IMO, but we can dream. I drool at the thought of going to see Dutch teams close by -- mmm, the (Amsterdam) Pirates at Sant Boi sounds good to me. Long live the rumour mill!

Mister BaseballMister Baseball wrote the following post Thu, 07 May 2015 11:07:53 +0200
Rumor: European Pro Baseball League for 2016 planned
Rumor: European Pro Baseball League for 2016 planned has learned that a couple of club teams in European Baseball will meet in the coming days to create a professional baseball league in Europe. The league would consist of two teams apiece from the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Germany and France and is supposed to start in April of 2016.

Rumors like this have been in existence since a couple of years, as the European Cup competitions haven’t really been able to raise the interest in European Baseball and lot of fans and players have called for a professional league in Europe. This sounds as a serious project, although it remains to be seen if the involved parties put politics aside and produce a league, which can survive the early pains.

A lot of different questions from all areas and aspects have to be answered as soon as this becomes public. Do national, continental and international federations back this idea? What happens to national competitions without their best teams? Are there marketing and media experts involved to bring people into the stands and content into TV, internet and newspapers? Who will finance travel costs and is going to pay the players? Will get other teams, which haven’t been invited initially, the opportunity to join the league?

The creation of independent leagues is not uncommon for European Baseball. There are interleague competitions in parts of Eastern Europe. The Collegiate Baseball League Europe was founded in the Netherlands a couple of years ago to give young players a summer-league experience compared to leagues like the Cape Cod League in the US. In Italy a league was formed with teams not willing to pay the costs of playing under the umbrella of the federation.

Nonetheless since the top clubs are involved from the top baseball countries in Europe (excluding the Czech Republic), this certainly has the potential to stir European Baseball as a whole.

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@The Old Ball Game+  Doesn't matter which league it happens in, it's a thing of applause and wonder.

Mister Baseball wrote the following post Mon, 27 Apr 2015 14:43:03 +0200

Owen Ozanich throws Perfect Game in French Division I


French National Team right-hander Owen Ozanich threw a perfect game in the French Division I on Sunday. In game two of the doubleheader between his Rouen Huskies and the French Cubs from Chartres he retired all 27 batters he faced in a 1-0 win over Rainer Oliveros. For Rouen it was its tenth victory in as many games. Ozanich, a 25-year-old graduate of the University of Vermont (NCAA Division I), struck out 15 in the nine innings going the distance with only 108 pitches total.
performance enhancing?

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Being stoned has never increased my ability to throw, field or hit a baseball.

Being stoned is largely immaterial to scoring a baseball game.

Being stoned greatly increases the enjoyment of watching a baseball game.


Mister Baseball wrote the following post Wed, 24 Sep 2014 18:38:52 +0200

Parma’s Stefano Giannetti tests positive for Cannabis

22-year-old infielder Stefano Giannetti of Parma in the Italian Baseball League failed a doping test on September 3. He got tested positive for THC Metabolita (Cannabis) following a Coppa Italia game against Rimini according to a report on the CONI website. He has been playing for Parma in the IBL since the 2009 season. The Anti-Doping office has taken first steps to suspend the player temporarily until a verdict has been determined.
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I know. cf #tagage
excited I am

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#gopirates obviously.

Mister Baseball wrote the following post Wed, 24 Sep 2014 17:35:53 +0200

Holland Series gets underway after successful European Championship

DOOR Neptunus and L&D Amsterdam will square off in the Holland Series, which starts on Saturday in Rotterdam. A best of seven series is scheduled from September 27 to October 12. Familiestadium will be the stage in games one, two, six and seven. Ookmeer hosts games three to five. It will be a matchup of several of the newly crowned European Champions. However key will be how the teams get rid of the rust following a four-week break in the schedule.

Schedule and Live Play by Play
this upsets me

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On many levels.

Mister Baseball wrote the following post Thu, 28 Aug 2014 10:17:16 +0200

European Championship in danger for Rob Cordemans after accident at home

The Dutch National Team might be losing its best pitcher for the European Championship. 39-year-old right-hander Rob Cordemans burned his throwing hand while igniting his fire place at home. He suffered second-degree burns according to a news report by The pitcher of L&D Amsterdam is sidelined at the moment. It’s uncertain if he will recover in time for the European Championship in Regensburg and the Czech Republic from September 12 to 21.
Titans win

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This pleases me.

Mister Baseball wrote the following post Sun, 10 Aug 2014 12:46:17 +0200

European Champions Cup Final: T&A San Marino wins Title


T&A San Marino is back on the throne in European Baseball. The Titans defeated ASD Rimini 10-4 in the decisive third match of the European Champions Cup Final Series. It’s their first title since 2011, when they won the Final Four in Brno.

San Marino decided the outcome early, scoring four runs in the bottom of the second. They added four more runs between the fourth and the sixth and ran away with an easy victory. Jairo Ramos hit a home run and drove in two. Giovanni Pantaleoni collected three RBI.

Joe Mazzuca, who later got named Most Valuable Player of the final series, went 1-for-4 with a walk, a home run, a run and a RBI. He batted .364 for the series.

Adolfo Gomez crossed the plate three times, Giuseppe Mazzanti had two RBI for Rimini.

Just two days after starting and throwing 7 1/3 innings in game one of the series, Junior Guerra took the mound again and struck out seven in six strong frames. He issued just four hits, a run and two walks. Rightfully so he also got named Best Pitcher of the series.

Roberto Corradini, who got the final three outs in game two, lasted just 1 1/3 innings for Rimini, taking the loss. He conceded three hits, four runs and a walk. Four relievers couldn’t keep San Marino’s offense in check and Rimini remained empty handed.

Box scores and all Results at

Photo by Ezio Ratti/FIBS
Hoofdklasse back & a milestone

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Two things of note: The Pirates qualify for the semis and van't Klooster channels Pete Rose (in a good way).

Mister Baseball wrote the following post Tue, 29 Jul 2014 17:27:33 +0200

Results Dutch Hoofdklasse July 25 to 27, 2014

The Dutch Hoofdklasse continued after the two-week break during the Haarlem Baseball Week. L&D Amsterdam won two games over Mr. Cocker HCAW to become the third semi-final participant after DOOR Neptunus and the Vaessen Pioniers.

Pioniers’ veteran Dirk van’t Klooster meanwhile broke the all-time hits record in the Hoofdklasse, passing Marcel Joost. The 38-year-old is playing in his 22nd season and is now alone on top with 1168 hits.

Thursday, July 24, 2014:
ADO Lakers – UVV 12-2
Mampaey The Hawks – Vaessen Pioniers 0-11
Corendon Kinheim – DOOR Neptunus 0-10
L&D Amsterdam – Mr. Cocker HCAW 11-1
Saturday, July 26, 2014:
ADO Lakers – UVV 4-16
Mampaey The Hawks – Vaessen Pioniers 5-7
Sunday, July 27, 2014:
UVV – ADO Lakers 3-2
Vaessen Pioniers – Mampaey The Hawks 12-2
DOOR Neptunus – Corendon Kinheim 7-10
Mr. Cocker HCAW – L&D Amsterdam 0-3
less than 200km away

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I should visit really. I've seen games at the Olympic Baseball Stadium where CF Barcelona play, but not Sant Boi which is closer.

Mister Baseball wrote the following post Wed, 18 Jun 2014 22:30:04 +0200

Renovated Softball Facilities in Sant Boi (Barcelona) to host Spanish and Catalonian Softball Finals


This weekend the renovated softball facilities of Sant Boi (Barcelona) are hosting the finals of several competitions in the Spanish and Catalonian leagues. Here are the schedules:

Friday 20 at 18:30 final of Catalonian Youth Championship Softball. Sant Boi vs Viladecans

Saturday at 16:00 final of Catalonian Cadet Championship Softball. Teams depend on the semifinal.

Saturday at 20:30 third game of the Spanish Division de Honor Softball final Play Off. Sant Boi vs Antorcha Valencia
Guardian love for the Blue Jays

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This is worth a reshare because this is the first time ever I can remember David Lendel (who I really like) has ever give any love to my Jays.

Toronto Blue Jays fly high, while the Boston Red Sox sink


The Jays head north

A reader called "canukbound" sounded off below the line in last week's Guardian Major League Baseball column:

    Blue Jays are the hottest team in baseball.

The reader was right then and right now - one week later, the Jays are still scorching. Toronto swept the Oakland A's, who are the best in the American League West, this weekend, have won nine straight games and 16 of their previous 18. That's quite a stretch for a franchise that melted down a year ago under the weight of expectations.

The Jays have taken a mulligan and run with it, crushing opponents with the kind of run production and power threats that we don't see a whole lot of around baseball these days. Only the Colorado Rockies, a team that scores in droves thanks to their mile-high location, have outscored the team from T-dot, and that's just by a few measly runs. The Jays lead Rox in the homer run department - they've gone deep 76 times already in 2014, the next best American League team are the A's with 58. Get the picture?

It's a pretty one for Toronto's fans, a group badly in need of distraction thanks to Montreal's NHL success. Their Canadian rivals may be two games from reaching the Stanley Cup Finals, something the Leafs haven't done since 1967, but Toronto have a baseball team that's tearing up the American League thanks to boppers Jose Bautista (12 homers) and Edwin Encarnacion (16 homers), never mind other deep threats including Brett Lawrie (eight homers), Melky Cabrera (eight homers) and Juan Francisco (nine homers).

An energetic Jose Reyes has also been a catalyst by simply doing his thing - using speed to mess with opposition pitchers, setting the table for teammates and bringing electricity to the lineup. This two-week period is a sign that Reyes is returning to form after a hamstring injury set him back at the start of the season.

The Jays are pounding teams with an offense that's matured from last season. Toronto hit plenty of home runs during their failed 2013 campaign, but because other statistics, such as on base percentage, weren't on par with their power game, they were merely middle of the road when it came to run production. Now they've climbed five places in AL OBP to third, one reason why Toronto are alone atop of the American League East heading into June, something that hasn't happened since 2000.

The reversal of a struggling pitching staff has also been part of the story during this run, but the offense gets credit for providing rope to a group that was beaten down and searching for an identity. It's a lot easier to pitch with a lead, and there have been a lot of leads lately. Still, Toronto's hurlers are showing a command and presence the Rogers Centre hasn't seen since Roy Holliday was shutting down opponents.

Over a two week period the staff has put up a 2.86 ERA in comparison to their bloated yearly total of 4.18, and that's almost exclusively down to the starting pitching.

Mark Buehrle, an on again, off again pitcher, as guilty as anyone for the staff's nightmarish performance last season, is most certainly on, compiling a 9-1 record along with a 2.33 ERA. Former Cy Young Award winner R.A. Dickey seems to be finding consistency with his knuckleball again, allowing two runs or less in five of his previous six starts. Aussie hurler Liam Hendricks was recently moved into the rotation and made two straight stellar starts, while J.A. Happ and Drew Hutchinson have mixed in solid outings with the odd clunker, but as the Jays hit prodigiously it hasn't cost them.

The bullpen has been the Achillies heal even while Toronto continues to win, but there's an upside. Dustin McGowan has allowed just a single run since moving to relief duty and Casey Janssen has thrown a shutout since returning from an oblique injury, picking up eight saves in nine appearances.

Still, this is a bullpen that walked eight and threw three wild pitches in a single inning just a month ago, and the long term viability of this group is unknown, and to a somewhat lesser degree the same thing can be said about the starters. If they can keep it together, there's no reason why Toronto can't challenge in an uneven AL East and reach their first playoffs since 1993.
You should meet up with @Charles Roth MPC and I when we meet up in Havana to watch a game. I think we should then hop to a nearby island and watch some cricket.

Yes #onecandream my finances are on a par with yours I do not know about Charles. We should at the time reach out to our comrades in cuba, who knows what could happen
@Charles Roth MPC so much to learn about pleasant pointless activity ;)
I like 13-2

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Now I wouldn't have predicted these standings. I am not complaining, but the Pirates have really got to take games out of Neptunus head to head. Off to consult the rest of the season's schedule...

Mister Baseball wrote the following post Wed, 21 May 2014 09:26:13 +0200

Amsterdam and Neptunus celebrate wins on Tuesday in Hoofdklasse

Three more make-up games were scheduled on Tuesday evening in the Dutch Hoofdklasse Softball. L&D Amsterdam shut out the ADO Lakers 10-0. Chris Mowday, Daan Hendrix and Kyle Ward combined in an eight-inning two-hitter. Bas de Jong went 4-for-5 with a home run, a triple, two runs scored and three RBI. Remco Draijer scored three times for the Pirates.

DOOR Neptunus defeated Mampaey The Hawks 8-4. Eight different players crossed the plate for runs. The pitching staff around starter Floris Timmer struggled only in the sixth, when the Hawks four times. Quinn Tramm took the loss. Due to the curfew rule in the Netherlands, the Vaessen Pioniers and UVV settled for a 4-4 in the third matchup. Mike Bazuin drove in three for UVV.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014:
L&D Amsterdam – ADO Lakers 10-0
DOOR Neptunus – Mampaey The Hawks 8-4
Vaessen Pioniers – UVV 4-4

  • L&D Amsterdam 13-2
  • Vaessen Pioniers 12-1 (1 tie)
  • DOOR Neptunus 11-3
  • Corendon Kinheim 10-5
  • Mr. Cocker HCAW 5-10
  • UVV 2-10 (2 ties)
  • ADO Lakers 1-12 (1 tie)
  • Mampaey The Hawks 1-13
and in the strangest places

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A little bit of sanity amongst the madness.

Mister Baseball wrote the following post Wed, 21 May 2014 09:00:32 +0200

Kiev Baseball League 2014 started last weekend with 7 Teams


By Kiev Baseball League

In tough times for the Ukraine, despite all the difficulties which the Ukrainian nation is experiencing and the complete lack of funding for teams and leagues, the Kiev Baseball League started into its second year in a row – Kiev baseball Championship among adults. And after Kiev had 4 teams in 2013, in 2014 at the start of the championship teams there are 7: Almaz, Alligators, Angels, Telbin Bandits, Legionaries, Shmely and Yayabaten.

All the team’s help each other, share equipment, uniforms. They conduct common training because only together we can solve all the difficulties both, as in sport, as in life.

The Kiev Baseball League in 2014 consists of 42 games, which will be held on Saturdays from May to August. All the games are scheduled for a new baseball field in the center of the city on the banks of the Dnieper River. On the first day of the tournament almost all the teams went into the season with new uniforms and extended rosters, with goals to win the Championship in Kiev, and the most basic dream that in Ukraine will be peace.

All information on the Kiev Championship Series is available at Image/photo Image/photo