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something to do in between the Giro and the Tour that isn't the World Cup

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It feels good that the Major Leagues are tangential (but still interesting) to my baseball interests these days. Also cycling.

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European Champions Cup 2018 starts on Wednesday in Rotterdam
The 2018 European Champions Cup will start on Wednesday in Rotterdam with the final scheduled for Sunday. Curacao Neptunus and its Family Stadium – home of the World Port Tournament – will be the hosts of the top event in European club baseball. One game each day will also be played in Capelle Ijssel, home […]
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54.526 km

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Holy cow. I hoped he'd do 54+km. I am monumentally impressed. Chapeau to Ser Brad of Wigg. I look forward to watching this in full.
Can you not just be a little bit impressed?
There is a reason I suggest Obree and not Cancellara.

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It'll stand until June. No way Wiggins is not going to break this.

Alex Dowsett Hour Record attempt 2015: Results |


Alex Dowsett has set a new UCI Hour Record at the Manchester Velodrome this Saturday with a distance of 52,937 kilometres, beating Rohan Dennis’ previous record of 52.491. Dowsett looked like he still had more to give as he lifted his bike over his head after completing his hour.
Well sue me if I'm wrong. I would certainly like him to. Is Tony Martin not going to have a pop, it would seem to be up his street?
Yeah.  Just Wiggins and Martins to go this year, I think.  Kristin Armstrong rumoured, but only rumoured.
I also read the TLP as "no way Wiggins is going to break this"...
Volta a Catalunya 2015

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Road book is out :-)
Stage 6 (Saturday, 28 March) comes within 70km of here :-D #result
The Cat 3 climb at Coll de Alt Roig would seem to the best place. #dayoutintheoffing #giddywithexcitement
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Only two days away :-D
Beryl made me cry

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I am a complete soft lump. The great Beryl Burton has been mentioned here before. This is her:


I have just watch the section of Trans World Sport referenced by this torrent and found myself in floods of tears. I would really love to see Maxine Peake's play.
Was thinking about her at the end of Ride London GP.

Fair play to our Lizzie with third, but you've gotta wonder if Beryl wouldn't have won that.

Her and Vos are like Merckx and Hinault.
double hero whammy

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About Beryl Burton by Maxine Peake? As near as you're going to get to a racing certainty.

Beryl Burton: The greatest British female cyclist of all time


As the Tour de France rolls through Leeds, a play celebrates life of Beryl Burton, a cyclist who amazed the cycling world in 1967
I was born ten minutes from where she was born.

I thus have to continue the licorice tradition.  It's well understood and accepted in good humour in the UK.  

It doesn't go down well anywhere else.
Ten minutes at Burton pace could be quite a distance ;-)
True that, so lets say 8 minutes, because that's what I can manage on a day with a strong tailwind.
Ghost peleton

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I think this lot have #gotzot.

Ghost Peloton - in pictures


Cyclists wearing illuminated LED suits take part in the Ghost Peloton as part of Yorkshire Festival 2014
And Yorkies too. Yeah they definitely Got Zot.
Vuelta 2014 holiday opportunity

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@53x12 @els Mussols Been chatting with someone on GNUSocial about Paris–Roubaix tomorrow and they asked about this year's Vuelta. So I finally got round to looking at the route for this year and interestingly two stages come pretty close.

Seems like there's Stage 9 with a Cat 1 finish about 150km away, followed by an off day and then Stage 10 which is the individual TT, also about 150km away.

So here's an idea: we'll do a special casita deal for folks who want to come specifically for that time and for that purpose.