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AirBNB isn't easy all the time

@els Mussols  That moment when you're waiting in the square at a prearranged time for guests and they say they're going to be two hours late.
olive harvesting

At the end of the day @els Mussols is an olive finca. Harvesting time is coming and we are looking for folks to come and help.

We need help for the last week of October and the first two weeks of November. It's hard but fun work. We provide (free) accommodation and we eat communally.

Anyone up for an unusual holiday?

Ask questions...
Where is that? I would like to but I am here crossing the Atlantic ocean in Colombia :P
Catalunya (or Spain if you prefer).
i'd love to, but i have to be in cabo and then jamaica that time period.. next year though i will do it if you still need help.
things slow you down

@els Mussols Not in my plan this morning: dropping a breeze block on my big toe. Cold water, ibuprofen and arnica cream have been applied.
Here's hoping you bounce back soon.
Thank you all.
You picked a hell of a way to break the stereotype about punk rock anarchists and steel toed boots.  May Asprina, the Goddess of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatories, smile warmly upon you and your injury and grant you a speedy recovery!
dry stone walling photo album

els Mussolsels Mussols wrote the following post Wed, 25 Apr 2018 00:15:55 +0200
Photo upload issue sorted. Feast your eyes on the photo album.
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Your terrain looks nearly identical to where I live. The plants have that same grey/green coloring. The ground has the same rocky/clay, and we have similar mountains in the background.

Well done, @elmussol ! :-)
stuff you do

els Mussolsels Mussols wrote the following post Sat, 21 Apr 2018 00:42:33 +0200
dry stone walling
Today, an off-grid friend called Josie came and ran a dry-stone walling learning session at els Mussols. Fifteen people assembled and repaired a free-standing wall and two sections of damaged terracing. We all had an excellent time and learned much, the weather was lovely and we ate a communal curry.

A photo album will be going up tomorrow.
Dry-stone walls are typical in my home region too. Really nice hand made work that fewer and fewer people are able to do these days.  When they come down usually nonody repair them.
I'd really like to attend a session to learn the technique!
Come for a holiday here and we'll teach you :-)
seed swappin'

Just got back from a splendid afternoon out at the finca of @JamJarChris A few beers, a few coffees, veggie paella, home-made biscuits, excellent company with some local off-gridders and seed and plant swapping. A welcome escape from @els Mussols.

(And a little Hubzilla evangelism and planning truth be known ;-))
Was a fine time - exchanged ideas and plants - excellent. Great meet up.
Hubzilla for the tool-share idea, I feel.
lots of Amp hours and over a fifth of your life

Today we acknowledge and/or celebrate a couple of things on the @els Mussols and life in Catalunya front.

1: It's the eleventh anniversary of us leaving Sheffield, UK for good. Get rid of most of your stuff, put the remaining (and the dog) in a van and set off on a new life.

2: Today we got new batteries for the solar system (which is nine and a half years old). The old batteries have had more than 210kAh through them and have finally died. I am happy (but a deal poorer).
Perspective.... looks to me like the tree is propping you up.
rastabeard vibration yeah ....
Hello World

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Sort of back. Quite a few months.
so where has he been?

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Apologies to all for my prolonged absence. It has been a hell of a couple of months (good and bad) and it's not over yet. This includes:

Major (bad) family problems in the UK which I can't go into here.

Major (good) family issues in Germany of which more in good time.

Major car problems which are now largely sorted, but have completely swallowed our reserves.

However, our major problem at the moment is that the inverter on the solar system blew up last Saturday and we are therefore without electricity, internet and phone. Initial quotation for replacement: €1,500 which might as well be a million. The bank have enabled us to borrow most of this amount which means we'll have to do some shopping around and haggling.

We are OK and not being ground down, but it's bloody hard.

The long and short of all this is that there will be an els Mussols crowdfunder launched very shortly. Hateful I know, but needs must. Stay tuned.
As of this afternoon, we have electricity again. I will write more tomorrow.
@elmussol glad to hear you are still in the game. the song 'i'm still standing' means more the older we get
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All the best to you, and please announce your crowdfunder here or via private means to me. (Not that I have lots to spend, but enough to at least make a contribution.)
we love our bloody dogs

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Just spent the best part of two hours doing mountaineering in the dark with just a head-torch (and a good full moon happily). Pasta, damn him and bless his cotton socks, chased something (probably a mountain goat or a fox) and then got stuck. Our mountains are covered in gorse, wild oak (which is like holly) and all kinds of other stuff which scratches your legs to ribbons. He escaped himself but had to be carried back. He's a bit in shock now as he has completely freaked himself out.

Bloody dogs.
i remember the last time one of your dogs went exploring and got into difficulties. glad it eventually turned out okay in this instance as well
The mother in law bought an electric "invisible fence" as a present; so the dogs are free to run around but within a confined region of the property. It's wonderful when you consider the number of dogs incapacitated or killed by cars, horses, roos, snakes, wombats, spiders, and wedge-tail eagles around here.
It's wonderful when you consider the number of dogs incapacitated or killed by cars, horses, roos, snakes, wombats, spiders, and wedge-tail eagles Australia around here.


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Still alive. Super busy. Normality reigns.
I hope that 'super busy' means putting money in your pocket.
At least partly. We haven't had the phone cut off in over a year now.
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Problem is, it's going to take a little time to catch up and sort the wheat from the chaff of 3,500 unread. Once that happens is going to get Hubzilled.
present condition

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Absolutely knackered.
@satipera Go to a connection's profile page and look in the left-hand column: "Rate Me" and "View Ratings".
@elmussol that is what i was on about
there's always a project on

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Looks like Ben's got a new crafty thing to do, No piece of fabric is safe:

This is a rug I believe (there are two on the go). One is daughter and partner's Christmas present I'll wager.
nice. made with love
@Manuel Jiménez Friaza i am with you, leave this to those that know

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Just spent half an hour lying on the platform gazing at the sky (last two nights have been cloudy). Saw little bits of shooting stars, but nothing spectacular. I like not having light pollution.
I spent a lot of time looking and thought I was going to miss out entirely - but about 3AM the dogs needed a potty break and I stepped out just as a huge fireball was streaking across the Pacific. This weren't some piddly-little dust particle meteor, this were a ginormous freaking rock. Ditto about light pollution.
I got a lame show last night. Only saw 2 in 20 minutes.
I am unimpressed by my cat

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Much as I love my cat, Nunka, generally -- I have cursed her mightily today. During the night last night she fell asleep on my laptop keyboard causing a shutdown through overheating. The fsck on reboot this morning did not go well and I spent a good portion of (an already busy) today untangling hard disk mess.
 tech  life
 from Diaspora
my cat shows no interest in computers, he rather brings in life mice instead
@adam robertson.  is your mrs allergic to cat saliva? i am and it is potent. it dries to dust on their coats and is then inhaled. too long in a cat house can make me vomit
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@Katze(eu) Von Links She does that as well. Also lizards and sometimes small birds.
one of those days

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For those with medium-term memories: it was like February. I feel a rant coming on.
farm life

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Cleaning up a long-haired dog who doesn't like getting wet who's just had explosive diarrhoea is not a straightforward task.

I'm looking at you Libby...
what has she been eating?
Carrion of some sort I wouldn't wonder.
With a water shortage that kind of makes it personal.
impending mechanical competence

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My Dad was a mechanic and generally good with anything practical. I spent my childhood being berated in qute a nasty way for being too cerebral ("You've always got your head stuck in a bloody book") and inconmpetent with anything practical or mechanical. This has had a lifelong effect on me and has always made me really nervous and unconfident about such things.

Life at els Mussols has meant that I've been working really hard on getting over these aspects (through necessity).

Today: I changed the brake pads on the car. I am immensely pleased with myself.
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Dad and I clashed all the time, we were very different people. He's been dead for over thirty years though so I don't think of him much. I just thought "stuff you Dad" when I finished :-)
in real life & on the net

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There are people I agree with (but not all the time) and people I disagree with (but not all the time). I don't for the most part fall out with them. #justsayin
Normally I don't argue and make enemies.