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!music !Music  The question on everyone's lips is:

Sultans of ping F.C Wheres me Jumper
by Threeothree33 on YouTube

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:guitar Irish punk?
months between tunes

@Music+ Just realized, sorry, won't happen again. An oldie that I'm sure I've posted before but, people, dig the Hammond...

The Turtles - Buzzsaw
by WhoStoleMyJacket on YouTube

#theturtles #hammond
Leslie 122 (dual speed).  A "Bozz-Tone" (fuzzbox) on the bass guitar. So 1968.

I'm curious about the pitch change on the bass. There was a 6-string bass with a whammy bar (Vista-Sonic) in 1962 but it was even rarer than the original Les Paul Flying V guitar. The Turtles may have had one, but I'm guessing he just used the "poor man's whammy bar" technique and bent the neck until the pitch dropped. You could also detune using the tuners but in this tune it returned too quickly to the correct pitch. Hard to say for certain. Jim Pons (the bass player) has been seen with several different instruments so he could've been a collector; but based on his later work with Frank Zappa I'd say his style was certainly innovative and it was probably the poor man technique.
random tune in my head

@Music+  A propos nothing, this just pinged into my head from who knows where. Ocean Colour Scene were treated badly by the rest of the "indie" music know it alls, but I always liked them and they were really solid live.

Ocean Colour Scene - The Riverboat Song
by OceanColourSceneVEVO on YouTube

heroes dropping like flies

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Yesterday it was Ursula K Le Guin. Today it's Mark E Smith.

So read The Dispossessed or the Earthsea Quartet or The Left Hand of Darkness.

Go listen to anything by The Fall.

Grieve at genius flickering out and rejoice that we can still taste its fruits .

#ursulakleguin #markesmith #themightyfall
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And Grant Fell, bass player. Though I don't know if the headless chooks got much airplay outside the South Pacific.

Headless Chickens - Do The Headless Chicken
by Scott Anderson on YouTube
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So here are a few of the things I've stumbled upon that haven't appeared in the @Anarchism News channel:

From Robert Graham's consistently great Anarchism Weblog: Ursula Le Guin (1929 – 2018).

The Washington Post (meh) obituary: Ursula K. Le Guin, grande dame of science fiction, dies at 88.

The Village Voice appreciation: In Celebration of Ursula Le Guin’s Fantastic Legacy.
And more will be coming on MES, but you knew that I suspect ;-)
Mae Shakes

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@Music+ This is not the first time I've shared a bit of rock (&/or roll) oddity, but this odder than most, but as Larry says, she kills it totally. #maewest #ironleg

Iron LegIron Leg wrote the following post Sun, 17 Sep 2017 19:05:07 +0200
Mae West – Shakin’ All Over
Mae West – Shakin’ All Over


Mae West and Somebody’s Chyldren


Listen/Download – Mae West – Shakin’ All Over

Greetings all.

I hope the new week finds you well.

The summer it at an end, and so we return to a semblance of normalcy – or what passes for it here at Iron Leg – with regular, non-podcast/radio show posts.

The Iron Leg Radio Show will continue on a monthly basis (next show on 10/7, live ta with the Funky16Corners Radio Show (soul/funk, live every Monday at 8PM) and my show on WFMU’s Give the Drummer Radio, Testify! (freeform, live every Wednesday night at 10PM) both continuing weekly.

This week I confront you with the unlikely spectacle of septuagenarian screen legend Mae West fronting a rock band, and – in one of the unlikeliest results ever – succeeding (at least sporadically).

West, who was a hugely successful, influential and occasionally scandalous star of stage and screen in the 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond was, like everyone else from showbiz past, attempting to catch up to the pop culture explosion and affix her caboose to the rock’n’roll gravy train.

Her attempt, the 1966 Tower LP ‘Way Out West’ is – confounding all expectations – pretty good. West is backed energetically by Somebody’s Chyldren on a variety of cover material, from Bob Dylan, Roy Head, the Beatles and John Lee Hooker among others.

The track I bring you today, her version of Johnny Kidd and the Pirates ‘Shakin’ All Over’ is a killer.

West manages to carry off a lot of this material by virtue of her attitude. This is no mere cash-in. West seems to have actually made a serious attempt to groove on the songs, and the band is excellent.

Whoever selected the material put a lot of thought into what kind of things matched up with West’s persona and delivery.

Naturally, you need to wipe the image of a 72-year-old fronting a rock band, but in the annals of weird celebrity albums, ‘Way Out West’ is near the top for listener satisfaction.

Producer David Mallet also worked with Ian Whitcomb, ironically a young man working in older styles, and produced a few records for Somebody’s Chyldren under a few different names for a few different labels.

I hope you dig the track and I’ll see you next week.





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PS Head over to Funky16Corners for some soul.

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I gotta ding a ding dong my dang a long ling long

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@Music+  In a world of nonsense, words to cherish:

MINISTRY - Jesus Built My Hotrod (RedlineWhiteline Version)
by piperbrigadista on YouTube

logical progression

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@Music+ PJ Harvey, Hüsker Dü, Pixies, Stone Roses.
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Deee-Lite -- Groove is in the Heart
De La Soul -- Me, Myself & I
Dead Prez -- Hip Hop (at least two versions)

Now to watch Games of Thrones...
Like for the 3 D's
Dislike for Got
Love always
the dragon feels familiar smells....

a working hypothesis

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@Music+  Summer evenings are made for reggae. We have just tested this hypothesis:

54-46 Was My Number - Toots and The Maytals
by sharethevibes on YouTube

Hypothesis is proved in an unscientific way, but to my satisfaction.

Consider this my present to you @Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum) :-)
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You start on a part and the power of random takes over. This track was pivotal in me realizing that girl power was a thing.

Althea and Donna - Uptown Top Ranking
by Jocelin Francis Willshaw on YouTube

mashup genius

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@Music+ There are degrees of genius. File this under top notch.

Folsom Prison Blues/Pinball Wizard Shmoosh Up - Johnny Cash - The Who - Puddles Pity Party
by Puddles Pity Party on YouTube

#thewho #johnnycash #puddles
I'm not a fan of the who honestly, but I'm in love with some who's songs. ;)
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I still get goosebumps hearing the intro to magic bus after 47 years and thousands of listens.

[edit: never really cared for Tommy. Saw it on Broadway in New York which was a nice evening, but except for a few classic Townshend power chords and the novelty of a rock "opera" I thought it was pretty lackluster.]
We miss the guitar forum in the zot planet, but i am the administrator of 2.715.257,666 groups/forum in this planet,
will someone else can create and manage the guitar group?
for Eldon

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@Music+ Gone a long time ago but not forgotten.

The Levellers - The Boatman
by Miik004 on YouTube

#levellers #eldon

If I could choose the life I please,
Then I would be a boatman.
On the canals and the rivers free,
No hasty words are spoken.
My only law the river breeze,
That takes me to the open seas.
If I could choose the life I please,
Then I would be a boatman.

If I could choose the life I please,
Then I would be a rover.
And if the road was not for me,
Then I would choose another.
Cross mountains and valleys deep,
Where I would take these weary feet.
If I could choose the life I please,
Then I would be a rover.

But these things they're so hard for me,
I cannot choose my own destiny.
And all the things that I want to see,
Are so unclean.

Well I wish I could choose the life I please,
I am not a free man.
Others rule my destiny,
But my will is never broken.
I know someday I will be,
Everything that I dreamed I'd be.
And when I live the life I please,
Then I will be a freeman.

I know someday I will be,
Everything that I dreamed I'd be.
And when I live the life I please,
Then I will be a freeman.

And when I live the life I please,
Then I will be a freeman.
I Love Adriana! :D

But here's what come to my mind speaking of "If I..."

Problema Social - Seu Jorge -Allan Cardoso e Renata Bacconi
by Allan Cardoso on YouTube
pompous nonsense par excellence

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@Music+ Very strange musical journey today that started out... well never mind, but I just passed through:

This Corrosion (Extended 10 min) -Sisters of Mercy [HQ]
by Dio Genesis on YouTube

This ladies, gentleman and others is how to do pompous nonsense properly. You can keep Muse et al, Sisters of Mercy every time. Stalk around your living room throwing your arms into the air (white confetti and/or flour optional).

#sistersofmercy #pompousnonsense
Love it. Tell Ben to rack off. :-P
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@Music+ In a former life I was a flautist, and I still dig it. Check out the double flute concerto by Vivaldi in this episode of The Concert. Marvellous.

mp3 download

    Vivaldi: Concerto (Sinfonia) in G Major "alla Rustica" RV 151
    Vivaldi: Concerto in C Major RV 533
    Vivaldi: Concerto in G Minor "La Notte" No. 5, F XII
    Vivaldi: Concerto in G Major, Rv 437
    J.S. Bach: Concerto in F Major, BWV 1057

#isgm #creativecommons #vivaldi #jsbach #containsflute
flat out bonkers

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@Music+ Those paying attention will know of my prediliction for the weird and wonderful. Sometimes it happens like this

Larry Grogan wrote:
Wammack’s version of the song is one of those instances of source material taken out back, draped over a pile of hand grenades, soaked in nitroglycerine and then blowed up (real good).

If that doesn't make you want to listen, you may already be dead.

Funky16Corners  - Travis Wammack - Night Train


mp3 download

#funky16corners #traviswammack
You can pick out some riffs that would best be described as "pre-Hendrix".
tune of the day

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@Music+ Name it.

Kid Dakota - Crossin' Fingers
by heelo on YouTube
Good suggestion @Michael but considering the day of this post, it has to be:

50 year old man - the fall
by MarkDavies on YouTube

I knew there was a correct answer, but didn't know what it was. :)
everybody's doing everyone's

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@Music+ One of the joys of long-term music obsession is that you can hear a tune for years, like it and then hear a cover that just brings a different quality to light. Now I have loved this song for years (primarily in the version by Sir Douglas Quintet). Larry of Funky 16 Corners just threw this version into a mix and well, this version is #a-word. So I went and had a look in the archive and realized that I've heard it dozens of times. Why did it smack me about the head today?

#dottiecambridge #funky16corners #sirdouglasquintet
I checked for the Sir Douglas Quintet version and I must confess I like that Dottie one more.
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You had to have been there. They were part of the cultural invasion of San Francisco that led to the summer of love a year or two later.
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Haha. Well I wasn't quite. The thing I noticed about the Dottie version is that it still has that garage-y vibe even though it's full-out soul.
time to don your Northern Soul pants

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@Music+ Makes you dance, makes you sing along, makes you want to put it on repeat: a classic of its type (and as a type Northern Soul has a lot going for it). Tiny blue pills are optional.

Chuck Wood – Seven Days Is Too Long


mp3 download

Larry says it thusly: "The record’s Northern Soul popularity should come as no surprise, since its bright, poppy hooks and driving pace and anthemic chorus sound tailor-made for those dance floors."

Makes you proud to be Lancastrian.

Kool are cool

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@Music+ Jungle Boogie is obviously one of Kool and the Gang's better known moments. And here's a version to die for. As Larry says: "Jungle Jazz’ sounds like Kool et al weren’t satisfied with the overall funk quotient of the OG, so they went back into the lab and Frankensteined that shit right up, with a mess of drums and some very tasty flute."

Kool and the Gang – Jungle Jazz

#koolandthegang #funky16corners #containsfunk
angry lemons

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@Music+ Relistening to old Pete Cogle stuff in the car and this came on and made me think of @Jake Moomaw. Don't know why.

Get Mad by The Secret Lemon Project


#secretlemonproject #soundcloud #cogle #dubstepzone
Boutique smashed to pieces

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@Music There are few sure things in life, but I will eat my hat if @Jeremy Pope doesn't monumentally dig at least the first hour of this little beauty: Solid Steel 156.

#solidsteel #djfood #djmoneyshot #djcheeba #beastieboys
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"Got more hits than Sadaharu Oh."
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@elmussol You forgot the + behind Music.
 from Diaspora
You can eat your hat if you want but, just skimming through it, I can say that I’m gonna love it. I’ll give it a proper listen this evening. Thanks! :)
they just came up in conversation

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Interesting conversations with our present guests about music and am presently holding forth on the virtues of Northern Soul (with suitable illustrations). However this post is not about soul, it's about an album I heard when I was fourteen (thanks of course to John Peel). Misty came up in the general conversation and I just want to say that if there's a better live reggae album I've yet to hear it:

Misty In Roots ‎- Live At The Counter Eurovision 79
by Mystic Revelation on YouTube

#mistyinroots #johnpeel
youtube tag  just works in redmatrix, 'embed' tag works also in redmatrix ;-)