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I am listening to a podcast (identity irrelevant) which is a discussion around the political themes in a particular piece of art (a feature film in this case). The participants are all 20-something USofAmericans. I have got 25 minutes and they have yet to complete a sentence without wandering off into "like", "ya know", "sort of" diversions and never making it back to the original point. Absolutely infuriating to listen to.
listen to it

Latest in what is becoming a semi-regular series: "Episodes of Revolutionary Left Radio that are really good".

So from the excellent Revolutionary Left Radio, an interview with a comrade from the Working Class History collective.

Especially good on the Republican's shafting of the revolution (yes I'm looking at you Communist Party, Socialist Party and Catalan Nationalists).

The Spanish Civil War
shownotes: Spanish Civil War
mp3 download

#revolutionaryleftradio #workingclasshistory
I've also plugged this podcast in another place and someone followed the merchandise link. I very rarely do the "I want one" thing but, but seriously, how could I not:

Make Catalonia Anarchist Again cap

What's to dislike Whistlewright?
I must have fat fingered while clicking links and looking around. Sorry. I will probably be listening to the Spanish Civil War one in a day or two. There is also one on there about a mutiny during Vietnam which caught my eye
proper public holiday

Happy International Workers' Day comrades!

I also thought it about time that the #rebelpeasant hashtag was resurrected.
Mutually, i congratulate you too!
Also, with the coming Valpurgis night you!
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nuance is a rare gift

Revolutionary Left Radio is rapidly becoming one of my favourite listens. The presenter, Brett O'Shay approaches leftist theory in a heroically non-sectarian way. This post is prompted by the fact that the latest issue is On Syria: Civil War and U.S. Imperialism which is the most nuanced, coherent and intelligent thing I've heard on the whole Syria tragedy in ages. I've cut my ties to BBC News and The Guardian over Syria coverage and it is a relief to hear something that isn't simplistic and gung ho.

Syria episode download
RevLeftRadio podcast feed

Its sibling podcast: The Guillotine (which concentrates more on current events rather than theory) is also required listening with absolutely top-notch ranting from the excellent Dr Bones.

The Guillotine podcast feed

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useful tool

I have a gripe about the internet -- the wide-spreading hiding of RSS feeds. I have just solved one subset of my problems and the answer to the question: "How the heck do I find an RSS feed for my podcatcher on this Soundcloud channel I want to follow?"

Solution: Get RSS feeds from SoundCloud & iTunes urls.

I would like it to be noted that I never ask the question: "How the heck do I find an RSS feed for my podcatcher on this iTunes thing I want to follow?"

 podcast  rss
Most companies either stopped providing feeds or made them more difficult to access because it allows people to see a lot of the important content from their website without actually using their website and seeing ads and getting tracked and analysed and manipulated.
In Firefox:
1 View source
2 Find "atom" or "rss".
with very few exceptions I do it like this:
stop listening to them.
bloody awful news

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This is for me as shocking and upsetting as Bowie or Prince or Cohen: Frank Delaney obituary. So re: Joyce will be an uncompleted masterwork. I am deeply saddened,
“The most eloquent man in the world" -- NPR
We had exchanged some thoughts on Twitter a few times.
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Charles, if ever there was a more compelling reason to lose your podcast cherry, it's re: Joyce (even more than Mike Duncan's History of Rome).
Boutique smashed to pieces

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@Music There are few sure things in life, but I will eat my hat if @Jeremy Pope doesn't monumentally dig at least the first hour of this little beauty: Solid Steel 156.

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"Got more hits than Sadaharu Oh."
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@elmussol You forgot the + behind Music.
 from Diaspora
You can eat your hat if you want but, just skimming through it, I can say that I’m gonna love it. I’ll give it a proper listen this evening. Thanks! :)
Valerie versions

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@Music+ Been in my listen list for a while. Valerie is a great pop song (and incidentally a great family sing along song when the kids were young) --  three great versions here. Fill your boots and listen to them all. Contains bonus funk.

#thezutons #amywhitehouse

All Songs +1: Mark Ronson On Making Something Old New Again


On this week's +1 Podcast, we talk with producer, DJ and musician Mark Ronson about the allure of vintage sounds, and why he chose to build his career around making the old sound new again.
Really good stuff! Ronson is really something.

But, I love, absolutely love Winehouse, what a great singer... wish they'd "discover" an unreleased album or two (there must be some track out there, on somebody's USB drive).
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Oliver Sacks

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I have always found him wildly entertaining. Sad.

Oliver Sacks, eminent neurologist and Awakenings author, dies aged 82


Author who also wrote The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat revealed in February that he was in the late stages of terminal cancer
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And a Radiolab to remember:

Remembering Oliver Sacks


When Dr. Sacks announced a few months ago that he had terminal cancer and wouldn't do any more interviews, we asked him if he'd talk with us one last time. This is that conversation.
it's a while since we Cogled

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Sad to say the estimable Pete Cogle is winding down his podcasting activities (though the whole of his back catalogue is on on his site.) Listening to the latest (and penultimate) Dub Step Zone and this track smacked me round the head: Cractal Frunk by Mopichet. Lots to love.

#cogle #creativecommons #mopichet
I think The Dub Zone will continue. PC Podcast and The Dub Step Zone have both released final episodes.
Just got the Mopichet EP Psilocybin Samurai (great name) as FLACs from Bandcamp.:-)
glad to hear he will continue presenting the dub zone
Cogle goes soft

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Not the usual bunch of noisy, bassy, bleepy stuff from Pete, but very impressive nevertheless with several gems contained within:

It’s A Frog’s Life Acoustic Podcast Show 132 – PC Frogcast


Before I recorded by 500th PCP, Graham Holland from It’s a Frogs Life Acoustic Podcast asked me if I’d like to do a PC Frogcast, with the best acoustic tracks I’ve played on PCP.  I delved back into the archives, all the way back to PCP#6 and came up with the following.  Find more about Graham and his acoustic podcast here!

It’s A Frog’s Life Acoustic Podcast Show 132 – PC Frogcast, with tracks by …… Lawrence Blatt, Paddy Rasta, Lay Low, Bubamara Brass Band, Orca, Le Trio Joubran, Ben Caplan and the Casual Smokers, ICHI, Matt Stevens, Dead Heart Bloom, Romashka, Lull, Keston Cobblers’ Club, Slow Club.

do you know what I can't stand?

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When podcasts only give an iTunes link on their website and you have to hunt and fiddle around for bloody ages to find a proper rss feed. I am looking specifically at you: "Too hip for itself" Solid Steel. Brilliant podcast by the way.

Common Sense

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The last few editions have been a bit meh to be honest (note: Hardcore History is still consistently brilliant), however this one is right on the money.

Common Sense 290 - The Illusion of Control - Dan Carlin


The ideas of secrecy, democracy, special interests and international trade deals are interwoven into this episode that uses the negotiations over two upcoming international trade agreements to highlight current trends.
I'll have to give that a listen a little later. Thanks for the recommendation.
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I don't agree with him on many things (he's not anti-capitalist for example) but he is honest and doesn't have an axe to grind.
broken record

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I'm a little reluctant to do two PCPs in a row, but there are times when you just have to. This is chuffin' tremendous. No doubt at all, Pete Cogle is the best Creative Commons podcaster in the business. Sorry Dan Lynch, Cogle does eclectic better and waffles less.

I will report on the Ill Papa Giraffe album I've just downloaded from Bandcamp when I've battered it for a few days, but this opening tune is great and intelligent and funny. It will not be the only tune from this set that I'll be investigating further.

#cogle #creativecommons

PCP#487... Pass It On.....


Pass It On… with tracks by… Ill Papa Giraffe, LeMoti, Cul De Sac, Zelmershead, Alex Cuba, Machine Cult, The G.O.V.E.R.N.M.E.N.T., Chtin Mara.
it's Saturday

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So it must be time for a Cogle. Two tracks in and both stormers. Up to the usual quality.

#cogle #creativecommons

PCP#485... Fyah.....


Fyah... with tracks by... Ahab, Chuck Burns and Ty Rone, Rastaman, RVDS, SPCZ, Orinch, Manika Kaur, Nawak British. [display_podcast] 00:00  Osiris, by Ahab. Texas, USA. [Gravitas] 04:43  Me Oh My, ...

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Good as always, but even better than average. Nice image too.

#petecogle #creativecommons #thedubzone

TDZ#154... Murder Dub...


Murder Dub..with Tracks by....... Mad Professor, DubRaJah, Mista Savona, Yeyo Perez, Messian Dread, Brain Damage , Vibronics, Negritage, Woody Vibes, Easy Deviance, Red Star Martyrs. [display_podca...
Walking Dead Season 5

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Just watched episode 3.This season is absolutely rocking.


Also worth listening to: the Z-Realm Podcast with KMO wearing a very different hat to usual.

#podcast #zrealm
 life  TV  podcast
I have to say, it is somewhat apropos for a thread about zombies to be resurrected after being inactive for three years.
Another series, Planet Z, is filming across the street from me at the museum. I don't approve of zombies or their shows, so I just tut-tut as I walk by.
more where that came from

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I feel a bit bad about the last post as on first listen there are at least three other tracks worth immediate download. So listen to the whole thing.

#cogle #creativecommons

PCP#475... The Best Things In Life Are Free.....


The Best Things In Life Are Free... with tracks by... Trickform, Glass Caves, Taiwan MC, Metastaz, Pilgrim Speakeasy, Iggy Pop, Gruppo Ics, Halo Svevo, Itchy-O Marching Band, Paulo Padilha, AMB, Re...
Pete Cogle/Sunday afternoon syndrome

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It would appear that me resharing Cogle's podcasts on a Sunday afternoon is becoming a thing. Excellent as always. Nice graphic. Possibly the best Creative Commons music podcaster at the moment IMO.

#cogle #creativecommons

PCP#471... Neuroscience for Kids...


Neuroscience for Kids... with tracks by... Citizen Sound,  Teba Shumba, Maga Bo, Process Rebel, Alanna Royale, Cocek  Brass Band, MauSS, Leo Samson, Dark Angel, Perma F, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, ...
Two pedantic grumpy Northerners vs Superdad. Only one result possible.
Giving a mix to the topics... a friend of mine is actually writing a book on neuroscience for kids! ;D
How Jamaica Conquered the World

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We are thoroughly enjoying the How Jamaica Conquered the World podcast. Short at 10-15 minutes a pop, but a nice mix of vox pop, archival stuff and music. I am pleased that my life-long passion for reggae (and associated forms and off-shoots) has put me in the position of recognizing pretty much every tune (so far). I'm hoping for a bit more #cricket.

mp3 feed: mp3