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First one back should be a reshare, right?

els Mussolsels Mussols wrote the following post Sat, 31 Mar 2018 23:37:25 +0200
201803 data summary
days: 31
egg count: 133 (4.3/day | max: 7)
solar in: 1,374.0Ah (44.3Ah/day | max: 75.1Ah)
energy consumption: 35kWh (1.1kWh/day | max: 2kWh (7x))
eggcoin: 8
chickens: -3
occupancy: 12 nights (39%)

#egg #solar #consumption #eggcoin #chicken #occupancy
happy to have this back

els Mussolsels Mussols wrote the following post Sat, 17 Mar 2018 23:53:46 +0100
previously on "The Daily Data Dump"
I have felt bad about not having this valuable daily service available, but am glad to be back with it.

So here's where we stand with the stats for 2018 so far.

We have ten laying chickens at the moment and our cockerel, Vincenzo (Vinnie) Nibali.

day: 75
egg: 225 (3.0/day)
solar: 2,730.8Ah (36.4Ah/day)
energy consumption: 37kWh (0.9kWh/day)
eggcoin: 6
water run: 2
occupancy: 49.3% (37 days)

#egg #solar #consumption #eggcoin #water #occupancy #summary
our cockerel, Vincenzo (Vinnie) Nibali

Is there some coincidence with the 2010 Vuelta a España championship ?
@Alimentazione e quello che sta intorno Good guess, but actually 2014 Tour de France.
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Vinnie "The Shark" won Stage 2 of that years Tour; a stage which went past the end of the street we lived on in Sheffield for twenty years. Vinnie "The Cockerel" was acquired a few days after this event.
2014 data summary

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Sufficiently important for a reshare methinks.

els Mussolsels Mussols wrote the following post Wed, 07 Jan 2015 17:11:54 +0100

2014 data summary
egg count: 2,695 (7.4/day) | max: 15 (19 July)
solar in: 21,836.5Ah (59.8Ah /day) | max: 124.9Ah (09 July)
energy consumption: 542kWh (1.6kWh/day) | max 3kWh (44 times)
eggcoin: 196 (€39.20) [only recorded since 06 March]
olives weighed in: 830.5kg
oil collected: 145l
water runs: 24 (~15,600l)
casita occupancy: 93 of 365 days (25.5%)

#egg #solar #consumption #eggcoin #olive #water #occupancy #summary
Do you take mail order? I never tasted really good olive oil, so if it's possible to send it to Germany and I can afford it, I'd like to buy half a liter or so.
Sounds like everything is on a roll. 25%occupancy? I'm impressed.
:) that did not occur to me until you pointed it out