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@Music+ One of the joys of long-term music obsession is that you can hear a tune for years, like it and then hear a cover that just brings a different quality to light. Now I have loved this song for years (primarily in the version by Sir Douglas Quintet). Larry of Funky 16 Corners just threw this version into a mix and well, this version is #a-word. So I went and had a look in the archive and realized that I've heard it dozens of times. Why did it smack me about the head today?

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I checked for the Sir Douglas Quintet version and I must confess I like that Dottie one more.
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You had to have been there. They were part of the cultural invasion of San Francisco that led to the summer of love a year or two later.
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Haha. Well I wasn't quite. The thing I noticed about the Dottie version is that it still has that garage-y vibe even though it's full-out soul.
loud tune alert

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@Music  Courtesy of Belboid's Best of the Year 2014 CD recently received. Lots I already knew, but this was new and is very very fine. Brilliant guitar and brilliant drums, singing that sounds like Jack White and a superb false ending. Treat it with loudness.

Royal Blood - Figure It Out [Official Video]
by Royal Blood on YouTube

I only mention it because it was on in the car today while I was giving someone a lift and they also thought it was #a-word. It is not unknown for me and Belboid to love a tune and no-one else gives a fig. It was nice to have confirmation.
I dig it.
Completely missed it in the timeline. I'll give it a :like