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When you do a cover of a The Stooges tune and it's more disturbing than the original, you are doing something right.

Neneh Cherry and The Thing - Dirt (The Stooges cover)
by Krystallotriodos on YouTube

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first from Belboid

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As I mentioned elsewhere, Belboid sent me some CDs. So here's the first tasty nugget from his Best of the Year 2012 selection. A good old-fashioned stomper with eccentric electronic twiddling and Bo Diddley guitar bursting in like the apocalypse. And it gets in your head if you put it on repeat.


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witches through the post

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I cycled into the village this afternoon (still not sorted the car) and went to the post office. We have a post office box (accessible for most of the day), which is a good thing as the post office is only open for 1h15m every day -- at 0900. In amongst the usual bills was a package from my friend Belboid. I haven't heard from him in a while and I was delighted to find three CDs. Two were his Best of the Year 2012 and Best of the Year 2013, from which I will no doubt be posting some tasty nuggets soon.

The third CD is massively intriguing: 1612 Underture by The Eccentronic Research Council.  First para of the blurb:

1612 Underture is a 12 chapter sound poem based of the mistreatment and memory of the Pendle Witches who were executed in Lancashire, England, on 20 August 1612; Elizabeth Device, James Device, Alizon Device, Anne Whittle (aka Chattox), Anne Redferne. Jane Bulcock, John Bulcock, Alice Nutter, Katherine Hewitt and Jennet Preston, as well as the accused Alice Grey and Elizabeth Southerns (aka Old Demdike) who died while awaiting trial.

And it's linked in with current politics and it's by Sheffield folks. I can hardly wait to listen.

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And I've just bought a copy for my daughter for her birthday :-D