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Funky ...

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... Birthday!

Funky Birthday - Bobby McLaughlin
by baalhabeit on YouTube
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Kool are cool

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@Music+ Jungle Boogie is obviously one of Kool and the Gang's better known moments. And here's a version to die for. As Larry says: "Jungle Jazz’ sounds like Kool et al weren’t satisfied with the overall funk quotient of the OG, so they went back into the lab and Frankensteined that shit right up, with a mess of drums and some very tasty flute."

Kool and the Gang – Jungle Jazz

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Libby is NOT missing

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@els Mussols Another day of walking in the mountains getting more and more dispirited, but we found her. She had fallen into a half-full cisterna (water cistern) a long way up the mountain. She has been up to her neck in cold water for probably 36 hours, so is exhausted and in shock. I had to carry her a good portion of the 1.5km back to the house. We've dried her off, given her some warm milk and a little food and she's now dozing on the sofa next to Ben, wrapped in Ben's thickest winter jumper and a hot-water bottle. Lib's chances are pretty good I'd say.

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Libby is partial to funky stuff:

Jackson Sisters - I Believe in Miracles - 1973 [Soul-Funk]
by magrosi65 on YouTube

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Sounds scary. Glad you found her!
One of the most stressful couple of days in my life. She's still here being lovely and fluffy four years later.

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@Music  Epic mix from from Larry stepping outside his usual boundaries. I will eat my hat if both @Giaco_Jazz  and @Giaco_Rock don't like this.

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Funky16Corners Presents: The Mothership Mix

The Mothership,now boarding… Parliament/Intro Afro-Samurai Dick Hyman – Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose Capt Sisko Jimi Hendrix – 1983 (A Merman I Should Turn To Be) Morpheus/1 Scientist – The Dark Secret of the Box Morpheus/2 Dorothy Ashby – Soul Vibrations Gene Harris – Don’t Call Me Ni**er Whitey The Brother From Another […]

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don't make me do this again

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For long-term readers this the third opportunity to download this. Stop what you're doing and download it. Now.

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The Return of Boogaloo Mardi Gras!

Roger and the Gypsies – Pass the Hatchet Pt1 (Seven B) Professor Longhair – Big Chief Pt2 (Watch) Bobby Marchan – Shake Your Tambourine (Cameo/Parkway) Diamond Joe – Gossip Gossip (Sansu) Eddie Bo – Hook and Sling Pt1 (Scram) Lee Dorsey – Four Corners Pt1 (Amy) Dixie Cups – Two Way Poc A Way (ABC) […]

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