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@Music+ In a former life I was a flautist, and I still dig it. Check out the double flute concerto by Vivaldi in this episode of The Concert. Marvellous.

mp3 download

    Vivaldi: Concerto (Sinfonia) in G Major "alla Rustica" RV 151
    Vivaldi: Concerto in C Major RV 533
    Vivaldi: Concerto in G Minor "La Notte" No. 5, F XII
    Vivaldi: Concerto in G Major, Rv 437
    J.S. Bach: Concerto in F Major, BWV 1057

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it's a while since we Cogled

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Sad to say the estimable Pete Cogle is winding down his podcasting activities (though the whole of his back catalogue is on on his site.) Listening to the latest (and penultimate) Dub Step Zone and this track smacked me round the head: Cractal Frunk by Mopichet. Lots to love.

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I think The Dub Zone will continue. PC Podcast and The Dub Step Zone have both released final episodes.
Just got the Mopichet EP Psilocybin Samurai (great name) as FLACs from Bandcamp.:-)
glad to hear he will continue presenting the dub zone
broken record

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I'm a little reluctant to do two PCPs in a row, but there are times when you just have to. This is chuffin' tremendous. No doubt at all, Pete Cogle is the best Creative Commons podcaster in the business. Sorry Dan Lynch, Cogle does eclectic better and waffles less.

I will report on the Ill Papa Giraffe album I've just downloaded from Bandcamp when I've battered it for a few days, but this opening tune is great and intelligent and funny. It will not be the only tune from this set that I'll be investigating further.

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PCP#487... Pass It On.....


Pass It On… with tracks by… Ill Papa Giraffe, LeMoti, Cul De Sac, Zelmershead, Alex Cuba, Machine Cult, The G.O.V.E.R.N.M.E.N.T., Chtin Mara.
it's Saturday

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So it must be time for a Cogle. Two tracks in and both stormers. Up to the usual quality.

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PCP#485... Fyah.....


Fyah... with tracks by... Ahab, Chuck Burns and Ty Rone, Rastaman, RVDS, SPCZ, Orinch, Manika Kaur, Nawak British. [display_podcast] 00:00  Osiris, by Ahab. Texas, USA. [Gravitas] 04:43  Me Oh My, ...

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Good as always, but even better than average. Nice image too.

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TDZ#154... Murder Dub...


Murder Dub..with Tracks by....... Mad Professor, DubRaJah, Mista Savona, Yeyo Perez, Messian Dread, Brain Damage , Vibronics, Negritage, Woody Vibes, Easy Deviance, Red Star Martyrs. [display_podca...
more where that came from

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I feel a bit bad about the last post as on first listen there are at least three other tracks worth immediate download. So listen to the whole thing.

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PCP#475... The Best Things In Life Are Free.....


The Best Things In Life Are Free... with tracks by... Trickform, Glass Caves, Taiwan MC, Metastaz, Pilgrim Speakeasy, Iggy Pop, Gruppo Ics, Halo Svevo, Itchy-O Marching Band, Paulo Padilha, AMB, Re...
pick of the Cogles

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There are some choice cuts in this month's PCP, but this particularly caught my attention:

Dance of the Anunnaki by the Itchy-O Marching Band

Unlike most marching bands I suspect.

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Pete Cogle/Sunday afternoon syndrome

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It would appear that me resharing Cogle's podcasts on a Sunday afternoon is becoming a thing. Excellent as always. Nice graphic. Possibly the best Creative Commons music podcaster at the moment IMO.

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PCP#471... Neuroscience for Kids...


Neuroscience for Kids... with tracks by... Citizen Sound,  Teba Shumba, Maga Bo, Process Rebel, Alanna Royale, Cocek  Brass Band, MauSS, Leo Samson, Dark Angel, Perma F, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, ...
Two pedantic grumpy Northerners vs Superdad. Only one result possible.
Giving a mix to the topics... a friend of mine is actually writing a book on neuroscience for kids! ;D
is it trending yet?

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For those who enjoyed the swingin' dubstep last week, this may tickle you: Curses From Past Times EP by ProleteR.

Discovered whilst listening to the Tuxjam podcast recently.

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it is loaded in a window and ready to play at the end of my current playlist
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The new Feed The Lions EP is turning out to be as good (if not slightly better).
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@Ishmael_Aylwin:_Mc_Intosh Given previous posting history, the likelihood of me not posting on music, books and politics are slim to none.
good day to listen to Creative Commons music

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It seems to be the day for it. The latest Music Manumit Podcast. A particularly fine and varied selection from Tom and Doug.

ogg: download


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not your grandparents' dubstep

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What do you listen to when you have 1800 rows of a $anotherperson's messy spreadsheet to go through? So I check my recently downloaded podcasts lists and decided on the usually pretty spiffy The Dub Step Zone by Pete Cogle.

I think I know some of my readers pretty well and am going to take a slightly surprising turn and recommend this slab of dubstep to that well-known ravemeister: @Charles Roth MPC.

Get ready and do this:
DSZ#72… Swingtime in dubland…(reposted)

addition: album art:


mp3: download

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"I told you before... wait for the drop!"
don't believe the shite

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Courtesy of Dan on Rathole Radio, some excellent Scottish political creative commons hip hop: Rise Up (ft. Solareye) by Burning Bright. Worth multiple listens just so you can do the sing along bits right.

#ratholeradio #burningbright #creativecommons
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This get's a bump because we've just had it on again and it's brill, but also this is on the same EP. File under #inspired, I think Dead Prez would approve:

cHip sHop by Tickle and Dead Prez
by Tickle Person on YouTube