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another tiny step

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@Hubzilla Support Forum+  The ability to export your posts in monthly chunks is known about. I however don't see the mechanism for importing more than one. (Yes, if this works, the #egg count data will not be lost to the internet.)
As far as I recall last time I did that, you just keep importing files one-by-one.
Month by month, or even year by year if the size of each exported file is around 1 megabyte, I don't think that you will have problems.
Harri's first

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@Chicken Channel+ One of our hatchlings from last autumn (Harriet) laid her first today. Her sisters (who are the same age) have been laying for a while. The #egg is tiny :-)

elmussolelmussol wrote the following post Tue, 31 Mar 2015 23:27:57 +0200
Can you tell which is Harri's? (That's a €2 coin for size comparison.)

2014 data summary

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Sufficiently important for a reshare methinks.

els Mussolsels Mussols wrote the following post Wed, 07 Jan 2015 17:11:54 +0100

2014 data summary
egg count: 2,695 (7.4/day) | max: 15 (19 July)
solar in: 21,836.5Ah (59.8Ah /day) | max: 124.9Ah (09 July)
energy consumption: 542kWh (1.6kWh/day) | max 3kWh (44 times)
eggcoin: 196 (€39.20) [only recorded since 06 March]
olives weighed in: 830.5kg
oil collected: 145l
water runs: 24 (~15,600l)
casita occupancy: 93 of 365 days (25.5%)

#egg #solar #consumption #eggcoin #olive #water #occupancy #summary
Do you take mail order? I never tasted really good olive oil, so if it's possible to send it to Germany and I can afford it, I'd like to buy half a liter or so.
Sounds like everything is on a roll. 25%occupancy? I'm impressed.
:) that did not occur to me until you pointed it out
summary tomorrow

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I'm going to publish the @els Mussols 2014 summary data tomorrow. Best guess for annual #egg count?

this is officially the first red thread that never got off topic, your chicken only thoughts below
@adam robertson if you do not understand , wait until you do
collective noun for egg boxes?

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Here is the pile of egg boxes I took to the market in Xerta this morning:


So what's the #eggcoin count going to be?

els Mussols channel

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Have started a channel for els Mussols. Come on, admit it, you've been missing the #egg count.

edit:: url typo.
¿4 años ya? o_O
Well have no worry. Parlementum going down means that my long awaited Hubzilla will have to happen.