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2014 data summary

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Sufficiently important for a reshare methinks.

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2014 data summary
egg count: 2,695 (7.4/day) | max: 15 (19 July)
solar in: 21,836.5Ah (59.8Ah /day) | max: 124.9Ah (09 July)
energy consumption: 542kWh (1.6kWh/day) | max 3kWh (44 times)
eggcoin: 196 (€39.20) [only recorded since 06 March]
olives weighed in: 830.5kg
oil collected: 145l
water runs: 24 (~15,600l)
casita occupancy: 93 of 365 days (25.5%)

#egg #solar #consumption #eggcoin #olive #water #occupancy #summary
Do you take mail order? I never tasted really good olive oil, so if it's possible to send it to Germany and I can afford it, I'd like to buy half a liter or so.
Sounds like everything is on a roll. 25%occupancy? I'm impressed.
:) that did not occur to me until you pointed it out
prepare to be excited

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You are going to like today's #eggcoin.
collective noun for egg boxes?

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Here is the pile of egg boxes I took to the market in Xerta this morning:


So what's the #eggcoin count going to be?


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We are all skint including the Matrix. So from here on in, the money from one egg per half dozen we sell will be going to @Mike Macgirvin to support the Matrix. Current price is €1.20/half dozen, so 20 centimos per half dozen. I will build this data into the @els Mussols data report to keep track.

It's not much, but it's what we can.

And we should of course introduce the #eggcoin tag.