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flat out bonkers

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@Music+ Those paying attention will know of my prediliction for the weird and wonderful. Sometimes it happens like this

Larry Grogan wrote:
Wammack’s version of the song is one of those instances of source material taken out back, draped over a pile of hand grenades, soaked in nitroglycerine and then blowed up (real good).

If that doesn't make you want to listen, you may already be dead.

Funky16Corners  - Travis Wammack - Night Train


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You can pick out some riffs that would best be described as "pre-Hendrix".
everybody's doing everyone's

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@Music+ One of the joys of long-term music obsession is that you can hear a tune for years, like it and then hear a cover that just brings a different quality to light. Now I have loved this song for years (primarily in the version by Sir Douglas Quintet). Larry of Funky 16 Corners just threw this version into a mix and well, this version is #a-word. So I went and had a look in the archive and realized that I've heard it dozens of times. Why did it smack me about the head today?

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I checked for the Sir Douglas Quintet version and I must confess I like that Dottie one more.
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You had to have been there. They were part of the cultural invasion of San Francisco that led to the summer of love a year or two later.
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Haha. Well I wasn't quite. The thing I noticed about the Dottie version is that it still has that garage-y vibe even though it's full-out soul.
time to don your Northern Soul pants

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@Music+ Makes you dance, makes you sing along, makes you want to put it on repeat: a classic of its type (and as a type Northern Soul has a lot going for it). Tiny blue pills are optional.

Chuck Wood – Seven Days Is Too Long


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Larry says it thusly: "The record’s Northern Soul popularity should come as no surprise, since its bright, poppy hooks and driving pace and anthemic chorus sound tailor-made for those dance floors."

Makes you proud to be Lancastrian.

Kool are cool

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@Music+ Jungle Boogie is obviously one of Kool and the Gang's better known moments. And here's a version to die for. As Larry says: "Jungle Jazz’ sounds like Kool et al weren’t satisfied with the overall funk quotient of the OG, so they went back into the lab and Frankensteined that shit right up, with a mess of drums and some very tasty flute."

Kool and the Gang – Jungle Jazz

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going for the double

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You could be a hippie doing the Northern Soul thang, or you could be a socially-conscious motherfucker producing amazing stuff like this. Soul, jazz, funk, gospel call and response and a whole load else. This is epic.

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Les McCann and Eddie Harris - Carry On Brother


Eddie Harris and Les McCann Listen/Download Les McCann and Eddie Harris - Carry On Brothers Greetings all That said, there must have been something in the air in 1971, since Les McCann and Eddie Ha...
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I'm bottom end kind of person. Look at what I like...
Northern Soul for hippies

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As good as my word, just a bit late. Dance yer ass off and pass the KoolAid.

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Bob Brady and the Con Chords - Everybody's Goin' To the Love In


Bob Brady and the Con Chords Listen/Download Bob Brady and the Con Chords - Everybody's Goin' To the Love In Greetings all The tune I have selected to start out the week is a long time favorite, pa...

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Insanity in musical form.

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Carl Holmes and the Commanders – Mashed Potatoes Pts 1&2

Carl Holmes and the Commanders on Italian TV Listen/Download Carl Holmes and the Commanders – Mashed Potatoes Pt1 Listen/Download Carl Holmes and the Commanders – Mashed Potatoes Pt2 Greetings all The end of the week is here, and before I blow your brain out through your ears, I thought it wise to remind you that […]
low-hanging fruit

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You are handed a chance to reshare Otis, you take it.

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Happy Birthday Otis Redding

Otis Redding Listen/Download Otis Redding – Good To Me Greetings all Seventy-three years ago today, the greatest soul singer that ever was, Otis Redding, was born in Dawson, Georgia. I have previously recounted in this space the story of how Otis was my gateway into the world of soul almost 40 years ago, and have […]
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I've posted the Monterey footage before. The version of Shake in that is thunderous. I don't know how Duck's bass doesn't explode.
promised Womack tuneage

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I've certainly posted some of these before (I seem to remember @Mike Macgirvin digging The Valentinos). Some great stuff in here. It should be noted that Womack completely and utterly passes the dude test (can you wear glasses like that and have sideburns like that and still look like a dude?)

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Bobby Womack 1944-2014


Bobby Womack
Listen/Download The Valentinos – It’s All Over Now
Listen/Download Percy Sledge – Baby Help Me
Listen/Download Bobby Womack – Take Me
Listen/Download Bobby Womack – A Simple Man
Listen/Download Sammy Gordon and the Hip Huggers – Breezin’
Listen/Download Bobby Womack and Peace – Across 110th Street

Last week ended on a down note, with news of the passing of the mighty Bobby Womack.[…]
‘It’s All Over Now’ is a fantastic piece of early West Coast soul, and maybe the grooviest record ever to feature both the glockenspiel and the tuba.

-- Larry Grogan
Not sure why but whenever I hear that it takes me back to Sam the Sham... I think it's because unlike a lot of musicians nowadays, there was a brief time long ago time when making music wasn't so technical or achievement oriented but was just basically fun...

and you can continue singing along

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Another singalong classic. Great song.

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The Cookies – Chains b/w RIP Gerry Goffin

Carole King, Gerry Goffin and the Cookies Listen/Download The Cookies – Chains Greetings all It is with this post that we resume regularly scheduled programming here at Funky16Corners. I will take a moment here to give my deepest thanks to all of those that took part in the 2014 Allnighter and Pledge Drive, from the […]
Northern Soul makes your day

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Today has been mixed, ending on a bit of a downer when a gas bottle ran out a few days early. So I was pleased to see new stuff from Larry and was further pleased to see an opportunity to download I'll Bet You which has been high on my #choon list for an eternity.

All Funky 16 Corners get played twice before filing, so these two went back to back to back to back. By the end I'm singing and pretending I'm in Wigan. That's why Northern Soul is special, it lifts you and makes you sing absolute rubbish like you mean it. It's a joy thing.

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Theresa Lindsey – Daddy-O b/w I’ll Bet You

Theresa Lindsey Listen/Download Theresa Lindsey – Daddy-O Listen/Download Theresa Lindsey – I’ll Bet You Greetings all The weekend is looming, so I’ll remind you that the Funky16Corners Radio Show takes to the airwaves of the interwebs this and every Friday night at 9PM on Viva Radio. You can also partake in the soulfulness by subscribing […]
Anyway, more importantly: have you listened to the tunes?
I couldn't even pretend to not like music like that, very nice
earth shaking

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Aretha at her total best. And Muscle Shoals. It sounds like Otis. Download it.

Funky16Corners wrote the following post Thu, 15 May 2014 18:41:59 +0200

Muscle Shoals and Aretha

Aretha Franklin Listen/Download Aretha Franklin – I Never Loved a Man (the Way I Love You)   NOTE: Our web host has been experiencing major tech problems since yesterday (5/14). This caused Funky16Corners to be offline completely for several hours last night and this morning. Though the site is currently up there is no ETA […]

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@Music  Epic mix from from Larry stepping outside his usual boundaries. I will eat my hat if both @Giaco_Jazz  and @Giaco_Rock don't like this.

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Funky16Corners Presents: The Mothership Mix

The Mothership,now boarding… Parliament/Intro Afro-Samurai Dick Hyman – Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose Capt Sisko Jimi Hendrix – 1983 (A Merman I Should Turn To Be) Morpheus/1 Scientist – The Dark Secret of the Box Morpheus/2 Dorothy Ashby – Soul Vibrations Gene Harris – Don’t Call Me Ni**er Whitey The Brother From Another […]

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thanks to Larry

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@Music  Thank you to Larry Grogan for providing this evening's entertainment. Easily accomplished by playing my Funky 16 Corners folder on random. But of course you download them all, so you know the goodness anyhoo...

vampin' Hammond from Sweden

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Time for a Hammond-fest. This is an absolute corker of an example: one-hit wonder organ-fueled Scandinavian funkism. I think I may have just invented a genre name.

Funky16Corners wrote the following post Thu, 20 Mar 2014 18:31:11 +0100

The Nilsmen – Le Winston

The Nilsmen, smoking them, cuz they got ‘em… Listen/Download The Nilsmen – Le Winston Greetings all The end of the week is upon us so I will remind you once again to check out the Funky16Corners Radio Show, this and every Friday night on Viva Radio. You can also keep up with the show by […]

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don't make me do this again

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For long-term readers this the third opportunity to download this. Stop what you're doing and download it. Now.

Funky16Corners wrote the following post Sun, 02 Mar 2014 19:18:22 +0100

The Return of Boogaloo Mardi Gras!

Roger and the Gypsies – Pass the Hatchet Pt1 (Seven B) Professor Longhair – Big Chief Pt2 (Watch) Bobby Marchan – Shake Your Tambourine (Cameo/Parkway) Diamond Joe – Gossip Gossip (Sansu) Eddie Bo – Hook and Sling Pt1 (Scram) Lee Dorsey – Four Corners Pt1 (Amy) Dixie Cups – Two Way Poc A Way (ABC) […]

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