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Perspective.... looks to me like the tree is propping you up.
rastabeard vibration yeah ....
good stuff happening all over

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Catalan project harvests unwanted fruit and veg for people in need


Barcelona-based Espigoladors sends volunteers into the fields to pick leftover produce for distribution to the vulnerable and unemployed
Ester Ranzen missed an opportunity I think,
ester ranzen? you old bastard
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how capitalism weks

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More of this kind of thing coming with that treaty that cannot be talked about.

USI - Union Solidarity InternationalUSI - Union Solidarity International wrote the following post Wed, 22 Jul 2015 17:20:17 +0200
Gabriel Resources takes Romania to World Bank ISDS Court over Rosia Montana
Gabriel Resources takes Romania to World Bank ISDS Court over Rosia Montana


July 21, 2015. This is the date when the locals of Rosia Montana obtained a subtle confirmation that their village is saved from the destruction of Gabriel Resources. The company admitted yesterday in a press release that they have lost hope in ever mining Europe’s largest gold deposit. At the same time Gabriel Resources announced the submission of a Request for Arbitration at the World Bank’s International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes. They demand compensation and a special settlement from the Romanian state for failing to harvest 314 tonnes of gold and 1,500 tonnes of silver, expropriating hundreds of local properties and leaving behind a waste lake containing cyanide – a toxic chemical used in the process of gold extraction.

Romania’s largest civil society movement opposed Gabriel Resources. This citizen involvement was, without exception, directed towards the state and respect for its own laws, seeking out irregularities and pinpointing corruption at all levels of power.

The defeat of Gabriel Resources is a clear indication of the commitment of Romanian citizens to defending their rights, freedom and democracy. The 15-year long campaign to Save Rosia Montana contributed to building a young democratic movement in Romania and has led the country in a direction that cannot be reversed.

The company’s plans to start the project did not crumble due to the high level of corruption in Romania, indeed Gabriel Resources have only got this far because of the corruption. The Romanian state got stronger and more independent only when corrupt officials were exposed. There is no possibility of saving Romanian taxpayers’ money if officials within the Government do not fight the good fight, if they, for example, hire a law firm closer to a mining company than to public interest.

A protest for Rosia Montana

This arbitration case proves once again that the ISDS clauses are being used to plunder people and nations of budgets allocated for health or education. In response to this, the Save Rosia Montana campaign demands total transparency and accountability from the authorities and all legal representatives present at all stages of the process.

“This arbitration illustrates that companies such as Gabriel consider profit more important than people; that the will of a few  ‘Wall-Street billionaires’ has greater legitimacy than the legislation of a whole nation. There are three known facts about this mining project: it was deemed illegal by national courts on several occasions, it was unwanted by the local population as well as millions of ordinary people country-wide,  it was promoted by numerous politicians since charged with corruption and in many cases already serving long jail sentences. Why Gabriel investors continued to invest throughout 15 long years in such an obviously bad deal, remains a mystery”, commented Eugen David, president of the Alburnus Maior Association.

Romania must not be penalised for being a democratic country with institutions prepared to say no to absurd actions designed to alter national legislation so that a mining project becomes legal. The company sought these changes after years of unsuccessful attempts to get their illegal project approved. These modifications to legislation included the framework for a private company to expropriate citizens of their legally owned property.

“The Save Rosia Montana campaign asks all its friends and supporters for solidarity against ISDS clauses and corruption. We stand united to save Rosia Montana!”, added Eugen David.

For more information please contact Tudor Bradatan, mobile: 0040 745370524

– Via London Mining Network and Save Rosia Montana
I knew it was going to be messy

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@TV series point+ Just watched series ending Game of Thrones and I need a cup of tea. That was hell of a lot to pack into an hour. I love the way Martin is not afraid to kill off major characters. I remember being shocked when Lord Eddard (Ned to his mates) Stark was killed in the first series. I thought it was going to be about him. Remember the wedding? Holy cow.

I'm in the middle of the third book at the moment and am really unsure where we are up to in terms of the story TV vs books. I am confident about book four, but am I safe to read the fifth before the next TV? Do I want to know before watching? Will Martin ever get round to publishing another?

#kettlesboiling #spoiler
OK. Ta.
tzag comrades. when i finished the last book in the series i couldn't wait for him to publish another. but that was so long ago i am not that fussed anymore, other things happen meanwhile
grab your slippers, cardigan and pipe

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@The_Red_Matrix_Support_Channel+ Many years ago when my beard was just Kropotkin-like and not dreaded and I first did my own Friendica instance, I remember that a member fscked up registering and then couldn't register correctly because his name had already been used despite deletion. Is it the same way with Red? If so, what DB poking around do I need to do?
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Sorry, I meant Paul - what when wrong for his member, because we can probably fix it.

I understand the problems you had - there are lots of edge cases where we do filter on UID (all your pconfigs for starters).
I highly recommend using another nickname unless you're a developer and willing to put up with strange issues that may not be possible to resolve. It can cause subtle bugs which are related to having incorrect data at other locations besides your own and are therefore very difficult to track down.
one of those days

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For those with medium-term memories: it was like February. I feel a rant coming on.
reasons to avoid Facebork number 45,923

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let me just read that again

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Hat-tip to @mjd on gnusocial for this.

American police killed more people in March (111) than the entire UK police have killed since 1900 - Uncommon Thought Journal
American police killed more people in March (111) than the entire UK police have killed since 1900 A Black youth faces police. Courtesy Ben Kesling via twitter. A total of 111 people were killed by police in the United States in March of 2015. Since 1900, in the entire United Kingdom, 52 people have been killed by police.

Don't bother adjusting for population differences, or poverty, or mental illness, or anything else. The sheer fact that American police kill TWICE as many people per month as police have killed in the modern history of the United Kingdom is sick, preposterous, and alarming.

In March:

Police beat Phillip White to death in New Jersey. He was unarmed.

Police shot and killed Meagan Hockaday, a 26-year-old mother of three.

Police shot and killed Nicholas Thomas, an unarmed man on his job at Goodyear in metro Atlanta.

Police shot and killed Anthony Hill, an unarmed war veteran fighting through mental illness, in metro Atlanta.

I could tell 107 more of those stories.

This has to end.
sensible on the election

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@Anarchism News+ This is so much better than the nauseating hand-wringing going on in the "circles of the devastated" (non-exclusive list: tactical voters, PR advocates, non-jingoist unionists, Labour/Green voters).

The Tories Are in. We Predict a Riot.


Another 5 years of Tory Rule. People are upset about this and rightly so although their reasoning varies from the realistic and considered to the outlandishly foolish.

At Sabcat we’re not disappointed that Labour failed, they offered us nothing but Tory austerity with watered down rhetoric, it’s why they lost. In the coming weeks we’ll see Labour scramble further to the right believing that they didn’t beat the Tories because they weren’t Tory enough, ignoring the lesson of the SNP riding to victory in Scotland on an anti-austerity ticket.

A Sabcat member, Andy Bennetts stood as a candidate for Class War in Lichfield on the platform “Don’t Vote. Organise”  Although he claims his campaign was an electoral success, despite national turnout rising, in Lichfield it fell from 71% in 2010 to less than 62% last week, 120 people did still vote for him. These 120 didn’t so much reject his platform as make a trip to a polling station to personally tell him “fuck you, Bennetts”.  It’s believed one of the 120 was his mother.

Nationally the Tories got the votes of 24% of the electorate, the largest group, 35%, were those of us that saw nothing on offer for us in the ballot box and stayed away from the polls.  There’s already a lot of crying from some quarters about these “missing” voters and their apparent ability to change the result.  This of course assumes that these missing voters just forgot to turn up – some us wouldn’t piss on a politician if they were burning in the street let alone vote for them – or that these missing voters would have all voted the same way. The other problem of course is that even with a different result, the only possible alternative result, a Labour government, wouldn’t really have been a different result at all.

So, there we have it. As always, the government won. The party that forms that government might have a majority in Parliament with the support of 24% of the electorate but that doesn’t translate to a majority where it counts. On the streets. 76% of us, the overwhelming majority didn’t vote for these clowns.

We’ll see in the coming months and years how willing we are to accept their programme. At Sabcat, we predict a riot along with other more creative forms of resistance to the Tory onslaught.
welcome to UK 2015

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From today's Guardian by Steve Bell. I must say I have found the reportage from the UK since the election horrifying, unsurprising and depressing.

UK folks

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So time to get those moving to another place plans in order. What a disaster.
the end of the world is nigh

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Down to the last 250g jar of Marmite.
tell me about cool pages

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To do my part in expanding the number of useful and interesting channels, I've created @pages+ -- the idea being that we share our cool and interesting RedMatrix pages. More importantly perhaps share how we did them.

I've set myself the task of converting the content of (presently Drupal 6) into web pages associated with @els Mussols , so I also declare blatant self-interest.
birthday things

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Thank you all for birthday greetings :-)

Things my lovely friends gave me:


alchemy is a thing

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@Music  Those of us who experienced the 1980s in the UK were exposed to a monstrosity of a tune called Green Door by Shakin' Stevens. I leave finding an online copy as an exercise for the reader (I can't bring myself to do it even to demonstrate the point). However the power of random just threw this at me:

Wynder K. Frog - Green Door
by bricomaligno on YouTube

Things about this tune:

1,000 bonus points for being called Wynder K Frog

I think it only stops because the Hammond dies of exhaustion.

I am physically unable to not dance to it.

The first seconds before the organ kicks in are heart stopping because it could all go cheesey (and not in a Stinky Cheese Tuesday way) and the Hammond happens and you know it's all going to be alright.


A marginally less stonking (and only 250 bonus points for a good name) but still admirable rendition:

#hammond #wynderkfrog #eskewreeder
ping Benfell

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@David Benfell Can I have some permissions to comment on your posts please?
fanfare 2

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It's not on my calendar, but isn't it also the birthday of that there @Tazman DeVille ? Also HAG1.
My mistake. Don't know where I got that one from.
it's windy

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Holy cow it's windy -- 100+kph. Gonna be a rough night.