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@Music  Those of us who experienced the 1980s in the UK were exposed to a monstrosity of a tune called Green Door by Shakin' Stevens. I leave finding an online copy as an exercise for the reader (I can't bring myself to do it even to demonstrate the point). However the power of random just threw this at me:

Wynder K. Frog - Green Door
by bricomaligno on YouTube

Things about this tune:

1,000 bonus points for being called Wynder K Frog

I think it only stops because the Hammond dies of exhaustion.

I am physically unable to not dance to it.

The first seconds before the organ kicks in are heart stopping because it could all go cheesey (and not in a Stinky Cheese Tuesday way) and the Hammond happens and you know it's all going to be alright.


A marginally less stonking (and only 250 bonus points for a good name) but still admirable rendition:

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vampin' Hammond from Sweden

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Time for a Hammond-fest. This is an absolute corker of an example: one-hit wonder organ-fueled Scandinavian funkism. I think I may have just invented a genre name.

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