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In't olives brilliant!?

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@els Mussols  I am a little leery of some such sites, but this seems a little more scientific than most. It also panders to a great number of my prejudices -- I'm an olive farmer for heaven's sake ;-)

We obviously use our oil on a daily basis, but we have additionally started regularly drinking olive leaf tea in the last year or so. Strikes me that the tea would be easy and cheapish to post as it's not very dense (unlike oil).


This Simple Leaf Prevents Stroke, Hypertension, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and More


Once used by the Egyptians, it was first mentioned officially in Europe as medicine about 150 years ago. In 1854, The Pharmaceutical Journal...
2014 data summary

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Sufficiently important for a reshare methinks.

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2014 data summary
egg count: 2,695 (7.4/day) | max: 15 (19 July)
solar in: 21,836.5Ah (59.8Ah /day) | max: 124.9Ah (09 July)
energy consumption: 542kWh (1.6kWh/day) | max 3kWh (44 times)
eggcoin: 196 (€39.20) [only recorded since 06 March]
olives weighed in: 830.5kg
oil collected: 145l
water runs: 24 (~15,600l)
casita occupancy: 93 of 365 days (25.5%)

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Do you take mail order? I never tasted really good olive oil, so if it's possible to send it to Germany and I can afford it, I'd like to buy half a liter or so.
Sounds like everything is on a roll. 25%occupancy? I'm impressed.
:) that did not occur to me until you pointed it out