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Good as always, but even better than average. Nice image too.

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TDZ#154... Murder Dub...


Murder Dub..with Tracks by....... Mad Professor, DubRaJah, Mista Savona, Yeyo Perez, Messian Dread, Brain Damage , Vibronics, Negritage, Woody Vibes, Easy Deviance, Red Star Martyrs. [display_podca...
not for the faint hearted

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We've only just started to listen to this, so I can't comment on it all (but it's Cogle, so it's not going to be rubbish), but this is the best opening to a podcast I've heard in ages. The dogs all got up and ran away.

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DSZ#77... Dubrise...


Dubrise...with tracks by.... Spag Heddy, Ryuei Kotoge, Bandulu Dub, ReZiNdRiP, Psyborg, Vector Burn, OverHertz , Musetta, Dubvirus , Perkulat0r, Dubscribe. [display_podcast] 00:00  Onvang, by Spag ...
Listening and I like this
Was following links in that issue and found this one - which was fun:
not your grandparents' dubstep

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What do you listen to when you have 1800 rows of a $anotherperson's messy spreadsheet to go through? So I check my recently downloaded podcasts lists and decided on the usually pretty spiffy The Dub Step Zone by Pete Cogle.

I think I know some of my readers pretty well and am going to take a slightly surprising turn and recommend this slab of dubstep to that well-known ravemeister: @Charles Roth MPC.

Get ready and do this:
DSZ#72… Swingtime in dubland…(reposted)

addition: album art:


mp3: download

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"I told you before... wait for the drop!"