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The Walking Dead Season 6

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@TV series point+ Two for two.

Carol is so badass. Completely and utterly so.
it's not all lesbian sex

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@TV series point+  Season 3 of Orange is the New Black is turning out to be a joy. Makes me laugh more than anything I watch on a regular basis and it's got Lori Petty in it (go watch Tank Girl).

And good on many levels. Exhibit 1: the corporate takeover subplot is absolutely spot on.
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And now I'm sad it's over :-(

But there's going to be a season 4 :-)

And they should give you some kind of obscenity warning before playing Foreigner. #spoiler
I knew it was going to be messy

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@TV series point+ Just watched series ending Game of Thrones and I need a cup of tea. That was hell of a lot to pack into an hour. I love the way Martin is not afraid to kill off major characters. I remember being shocked when Lord Eddard (Ned to his mates) Stark was killed in the first series. I thought it was going to be about him. Remember the wedding? Holy cow.

I'm in the middle of the third book at the moment and am really unsure where we are up to in terms of the story TV vs books. I am confident about book four, but am I safe to read the fifth before the next TV? Do I want to know before watching? Will Martin ever get round to publishing another?

#kettlesboiling #spoiler
OK. Ta.
tzag comrades. when i finished the last book in the series i couldn't wait for him to publish another. but that was so long ago i am not that fussed anymore, other things happen meanwhile
return of the Sons

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Just watched the first episode of the new (and final) season. It is probably not a #spoiler to mention that the characters have not all become pacifists. Southern California is not wall-to-wall hippies apparently.

just generally pointing something out

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#spoiler exists as a tag.

Doctor Who has just finished on the TV.

We will be watching it tomorrow.

All the above are related.

cc @The Doctor+
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(Sarah Jane's appearance was a surprise though).
@Thomas Willingham stop being a nob