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heroes dropping like flies

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Yesterday it was Ursula K Le Guin. Today it's Mark E Smith.

So read The Dispossessed or the Earthsea Quartet or The Left Hand of Darkness.

Go listen to anything by The Fall.

Grieve at genius flickering out and rejoice that we can still taste its fruits .

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And Grant Fell, bass player. Though I don't know if the headless chooks got much airplay outside the South Pacific.

Headless Chickens - Do The Headless Chicken
by Scott Anderson on YouTube
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So here are a few of the things I've stumbled upon that haven't appeared in the @Anarchism News channel:

From Robert Graham's consistently great Anarchism Weblog: Ursula Le Guin (1929 – 2018).

The Washington Post (meh) obituary: Ursula K. Le Guin, grande dame of science fiction, dies at 88.

The Village Voice appreciation: In Celebration of Ursula Le Guin’s Fantastic Legacy.
And more will be coming on MES, but you knew that I suspect ;-)
pompous nonsense par excellence

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@Music+ Very strange musical journey today that started out... well never mind, but I just passed through:

This Corrosion (Extended 10 min) -Sisters of Mercy [HQ]
by Dio Genesis on YouTube

This ladies, gentleman and others is how to do pompous nonsense properly. You can keep Muse et al, Sisters of Mercy every time. Stalk around your living room throwing your arms into the air (white confetti and/or flour optional).

#sistersofmercy #pompousnonsense
Love it. Tell Ben to rack off. :-P
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tune of the day

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@Music+ Name it.

Kid Dakota - Crossin' Fingers
by heelo on YouTube
Good suggestion @Michael but considering the day of this post, it has to be:

50 year old man - the fall
by MarkDavies on YouTube

I knew there was a correct answer, but didn't know what it was. :)