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mashup genius

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@Music+ There are degrees of genius. File this under top notch.

Folsom Prison Blues/Pinball Wizard Shmoosh Up - Johnny Cash - The Who - Puddles Pity Party
by Puddles Pity Party on YouTube

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I'm not a fan of the who honestly, but I'm in love with some who's songs. ;)
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I still get goosebumps hearing the intro to magic bus after 47 years and thousands of listens.

[edit: never really cared for Tommy. Saw it on Broadway in New York which was a nice evening, but except for a few classic Townshend power chords and the novelty of a rock "opera" I thought it was pretty lackluster.]
We miss the guitar forum in the zot planet, but i am the administrator of 2.715.257,666 groups/forum in this planet,
will someone else can create and manage the guitar group?
pompous nonsense par excellence

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@Music+ Very strange musical journey today that started out... well never mind, but I just passed through:

This Corrosion (Extended 10 min) -Sisters of Mercy [HQ]
by Dio Genesis on YouTube

This ladies, gentleman and others is how to do pompous nonsense properly. You can keep Muse et al, Sisters of Mercy every time. Stalk around your living room throwing your arms into the air (white confetti and/or flour optional).

#sistersofmercy #pompousnonsense
Love it. Tell Ben to rack off. :-P
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