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A year or two ago I watched a movie that claimed to be based on this book. It was a vapid affair which appeals to people half my age with more testosterone than sense.

Recently, someone told me that the book was good and nothing like the movie. With some dubious thoughts combined with zombies not really being my thing I decided to give the book a listen.

I have listened to about half of the book thus far and I got to say I am enjoying this one. It follows a oral/people's history approach in telling of the war against the zombies. In the telling of the tale themes such as the ineptitude of government, the atrocity of war, and suvivalism are explored.

While "zombies" may not be my cup of tea I am rather enjoying this book and am saving the #audiobook to listen to it again in the future. Yes, unless the author mucks up the second half, this book will be worth a re-read or two.
I agree that zombies are stupid, but it has been an interesting study into how people might react when the world goes bottom-up.
The book is fucking fantastic, which is why the movie makes me so angry. There are so many inventive scenarios that happen in the book that never get mentioned (The development of DeStRes. People living on a nuclear submarine. An entire city on stilts. Astronauts stranded in the ISS.)

The format of the book and the way it was written were also elements that gave me joy. The whole thing feels like a PBS documentary focusing on one of the most difficult struggles in human history.
cc: @books

One of the most beautiful places I have ever been, Molas Pass south of Silverton, CO

Somewhere north of Durango, Colorado and south of Silverton, CO
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Did you hear about the blind prostitute?

You have to hand it to her...
Hello from andhub I see no posts but we'll see if I can post
hello ...same today in my phone
I know it's a setting somewhere but I don't remember which one

The old Reagan County Courthouse in the ghost town of Stiles, Texas
Google Maps I know it is evil Google but I want to see the Courthouse from the satellit


Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps.
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First United Methodist Church in Stanton, TX

Can I just say EW! here!

Attempted theft of George Washington's head - Wikipedia


In 1830, an attempt was made to steal the skull from the remains of George Washington, which resided in a tomb at Mount Vernon. The thief instead inadvertently decapitated the body of one of Judge Bushrod Washington's in-laws. The desecration of the Washington family crypt prompted a new, more secure, burial vault to be constructed. Following his d...
This is kinda cool

Mount Vernon Virtual Tour


Explore the Mount Vernon Mansion, Estate, Gardens, Gristmill, Distillery and Library through beautiful 360 degree panoramic photography.  The second best way to see Mount Vernon.
I love Mount Vernon. They have a surprisingly good restaurant there with things you don't see many other places, like the creamy peanut soup.
On a bit of a lark we went by Lubbock Lake Landmark today. I have been to Lubbock all of my life and didn't know this was there. If it wasn't 110 degrees F we might have done a little exploring around the place. It is an active archaeological site. We did hit the high points of the museum and started the hike around but it was too hot for that.


Lubbock Lake Landmark, also known as Lubbock Lake Site, is an important archeological site and natural history preserve in the city of Lubbock, Texas. The preserve is 336 acres and is a protected state and federal landmark. There is evidence of ancient people and extinct animals at Lubbock Lake Landmark. It has evidence of nearly 12,000 years of us...

Here is the website for the Texas Tech website to Lubbock Lake
The Landmark has 4.5 miles of walking trails The native grasslands of the Southern High Plains are disappearing. Explore the Landmark's efforts to restore the prarie The 2018 Field Season application is now online Engaging Folsom Hunter Gatherers with 3D Technology For thousands of years, across hundreds of generations, people have come to Lubbock ...
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Granted this is a very rough draft, as in so rough we can't even call it in alpha yet, but I am kind of having fun flexing the writing muscle again.
Here is the latest version of my #bad scifi  story. Yes, I know it is bad. Read the story and find out why.
I love the way the story comes together as you explore by writing - thank you for sharing. :-)
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@Andrew Manning and @Haakon Meland Eriksen (Els Mussols) It is ironic that Andrew brings up the author talking in the story. On a good number of the stories that I have written I have absolutely no idea what a story is about or where it is going when I sit down to write. Most of these stories start out just like this one with me leaving little notes to myself throughout "hey let's do this!" or "that is really a dumb line" sorts of things. After I reach the end of the story I go back and edit the thunder out of it, usually killing a few thousand words and taking me out of the story. I have never thought of leaving me in the story. It could be fun, but like Andrew said, a small dose of that goes a long way.

EDIT: P.S. and this particular story is in some major serious need of editing! I reread it last night before I wrote page 10, you guys have some incredible fortitude to read this! :-) Thank you!
As long as there is something there, previewing texts is fun.
While doing some research to find out what "science fiction" actually is I bumped into Lord of the World - Wikipedia. There is #librivox of it so I may give it a go.


Lord of the World is a 1907 dystopian science fiction novel[1] by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson that centers upon the reign of the Anti-Christ and the End of the World. It has been called prophetic by Dale Ahlquist, Joseph Pearce, Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.[2] Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, a former High Church Anglican Vicar, began writing ...
Sorry for clumsy fingers.
Is is weird that I am sitting in a barbershop waiting for a haircut and working on my #bad scifi ?
I prefer Rothfuss, and his books. :)
Probably this is really bad sci-fi.
My #bad_scifi has been updated. #amwriting
If this makes it to the editing phase I'll probably just say it is a three month journey but while I was typing it I wondered how far it was from Io to Titan, like 400 million miles means anything to me!
Maintaining an midpoint position between Io and Titan would make for an interesting "orbit", :-)
Ok let me try this again... I shouldn't be bombing everyone's timeline with this silliness (even though I really am) so let me put it
here and those that want to see this travesty can.

#amwriting #bad scifi
Thanks. Probably the only way to become a good writer is to put stuff out there and get feedback. I'm too slow a reader to be of much help. There's a guy who lives in my community who self-published a science fiction novel as an e-book, which I bought, but still haven't been able to finish it. Every time I meet him on the street he asks if I've read it yet, so I wish I had never told him I bought the darn thing.
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Here is the first half hour in my attempt to write bad #sci-fi #amwriting

Ok so I just watched an hour of idiocy disguised as a TV show. This show had some big named scifi stars and cost over $100,000 to produce. What is worse yet is that it was picked up by amazon and it now has an international audience. It bad writing, bad acting, and bad production is all it takes to make money in the scifi industry then just maybe I am your guy.

So to that end, I am just going to start writing here and see where it goes. Whatever I write here surely can’t be any worse than what I just spent an hour of my precious life watching.

For a few days now a couple of thoughts have been running through my mind. 1- that most of the scifi stories out there deal with the upper echelons of whatever society and 2- they always have something to do with either police or military. I am not sure what to change but I have an idea of a merchant mariner and the proletarians he encounters. As one of the few actual proletarians that I know surely I can come up with something on that little bit.

Oh and forgive my typing this out on a form that I have set up. It was what was on the screen when I sat down to start typing.

By the by I started this at about 2:00 PM and probably won’t get very far as I am sneaking time from my boss.

So we have this Mercury class freighter. This is an ugly bulk of a shit. It is neither sleek nor sexy. Essentially it looks like a giant brick and pretty much flies like one. Unlike most of the freighters in most other stories the owner of this brick is just a guy trying to get by and he really doesn’t have much in the way of upgrades to this monstrosity. It is pretty much OEM, along with some creative southern engineering. The thing barely runs but it does make a regular run along the Jovian shipping lanes. She is not much but she has been reliable to this point.

Her name is the Elizabeth.

Owner/Captain/Engineer/Chief Coffee Maker XXX named her the Elizabeth after Dr Elizabeth Weir of the old Earth TV serial called Stargate: Atlantis. On one of his few trips back to Earth when he was junior mariner about the WHATEVERTHEHELLITSNAMEWAS he found some data crystals that had the whole series on them. Not being very rich or interested in such things this was the only thing that he watched for entertainment when he had downtime during his long hauls. He fell in love with Dr Weir and, quite frankly, had this weird obsession over this TV character.

He probably couldn’t tell you the name of the actor that played the part but he dang sure knew all of her lines in the show.

He worked his way up from spaceman and all the way through the ranks of the merchant marine. His training was all on the job. He could never afford to go to any of the academies to get the education required to join the officers guilds but he had one corp that was willing to give him a chance at command and during his short command he was able to make enough money to buy the Elizabeth.

His money was not made in the salary the Corp gave him but in the side hustles he had going on. I assume you understand that this means not all of his deal were on the just side of corporate policy.

Anyway he got the Elizabeth and after a slow start ---no one wanted to hire a freighter with an unguilded officer--- he managed to get by and even get a little ahead, at times. Even though he was the owner of that tub he rarely made more than the longshoremen in the docks where he ported.

It really didn’t matter much to him. He was free. He had enough money to live on and enough to keep the ship that could take most anywhere in decent repair.

It was a cramped ship. It had a bajillion tons or whatever of cargo space. The design specs said that it was supposed to have a crew of 4. He had a crew of one human and a droid with a bad attitude.

He won the droid in a poker game in the port at Io. The droid was one of those astro droids with a cool sounding spacey name with X1 after it. The droid’s original function was to repair holes on the outside of the ship. That was its sole function when he won it.

Shortly after he won it he had its memory wiped and had a new operating system put it. The droid had some sort of adaptive learning artificial intelligence. Which is all just a lot of fancy talk to say the dang thing could learn. And learn it did. Annoyingly so.

The droid was useful around the ship. It really did take care of the work of three people and it learned all the quirks of the Elizabeth and the quirks of her owner who still needs a really cool space hero kind of name.

The problem is that the damned thing learned to read somewhere along the way. It was always chiming in with quotes from Shakespeare or some other ancient minutiae from the literary world. Unfortunately, the last thing it got its optics on was a copy of the Communist Manifesto.

Now captain whatshisface was a member of the oppressive bourgeoisie in the eyes of the droid.

The Captain would tabula rasa him again but it made a decent cup of coffee and his lasagne was legendary up and down the Jovian run.
I have just watched an hour of crap disguised as a TV show. It was poorly written, poorly acted (with big name scifi stars) and poorly made. I found out that it cost someone over $100,000 to make this schlock.

If this kind of thing can get $100,000 in support then something of mine ought to be worth millions!

(By the way, I really liked it. It was silly stupid fun. But it was crap.)
I've noticed that mediocrity is increasingly being highly evaluated. It's a cultural phenomenon.
I am real close to an "extreme" area

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Here is the newest drought map that was released today. Drought conditions have been alleviated by recent rainfall, especially across the upper Trans Pecos. Unfortunately, other portions of the region have not seen much improvement and still remain in extreme drought. #txwx #nmwx
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Meeting @🚀 David Collins-Rivera 🎙 on Mastodon is going to be one of the few things that I will look on fondly about my time playing around over there. He is a writer and he reads all of his books and has posted them on his site. They are sci-fi stories and they are fun. I have listened to "Motherload" (which I give three stars to) and "Street Candles" which, so far, is a solid four. They are fun stories and they are licensed CC- BY-SA. This is not my usual nerdy fare but they are fun stories. I recommend giving them a shot. He is known as in that part of the fediverse.

The link to Street Candles is here and from there you can find links to his other works.
They are great.