Hey @Jake Moomaw have you seen this? W7RNA Sedona WebSDR
Equipment:color="yellow"> Two Softrock EnsembleII SDR receivers on 40m and 80m, an RTLSDR on 49-60m and 160m. This is a Linux Server....

It is one of several out there.
I've seen a few of them, and have been tuning in to the HF bands from time to time with them but haven't used one to transmit, yet.  I'd prefer to get some more airtime in on my own equipment rather than make mistakes using some other poor schlubs stuff.

Probably only important to @Jake Moomaw but my 2 metre antenna is vertical again
The unwritten rule is never to talk about the weather. They're a bit sensitive about that.
I get crabby when the temperature gets below 0C.  I don't blame them for getting pissed after listening to my griping when they're dealing with -201C.
@James D Morgan , I am on Signal but had to step out as well for some unscheduled stuff.  I might have an opportunity to hit up Microcenter a little later today, but I'm not sure when.  My mother-in-law's monitor died so I've got to bring her a new one and probably take care of a laundry list of other stuff, too.