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Granted this is a very rough draft, as in so rough we can't even call it in alpha yet, but I am kind of having fun flexing the writing muscle again.
Here is the latest version of my #bad scifi  story. Yes, I know it is bad. Read the story and find out why.
I love the way the story comes together as you explore by writing - thank you for sharing. :-)
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@Andrew Manning and @Haakon Meland Eriksen (Els Mussols) It is ironic that Andrew brings up the author talking in the story. On a good number of the stories that I have written I have absolutely no idea what a story is about or where it is going when I sit down to write. Most of these stories start out just like this one with me leaving little notes to myself throughout "hey let's do this!" or "that is really a dumb line" sorts of things. After I reach the end of the story I go back and edit the thunder out of it, usually killing a few thousand words and taking me out of the story. I have never thought of leaving me in the story. It could be fun, but like Andrew said, a small dose of that goes a long way.

EDIT: P.S. and this particular story is in some major serious need of editing! I reread it last night before I wrote page 10, you guys have some incredible fortitude to read this! :-) Thank you!
As long as there is something there, previewing texts is fun.
Ok let me try this again... I shouldn't be bombing everyone's timeline with this silliness (even though I really am) so let me put it
here and those that want to see this travesty can.

#amwriting #bad scifi
Thanks. Probably the only way to become a good writer is to put stuff out there and get feedback. I'm too slow a reader to be of much help. There's a guy who lives in my community who self-published a science fiction novel as an e-book, which I bought, but still haven't been able to finish it. Every time I meet him on the street he asks if I've read it yet, so I wish I had never told him I bought the darn thing.