"That guy walks like he has a hot potato between his legs."
--My grandmother Marian Curtis.

In high school her idea of a great date was going out and shooting rattlesnakes with a pistol.

During the Great Depression she moved to a bigger city and worked for Montgomery Ward for $10 a week. She sent $8 of that back home to feed her brothers and sisters.

Later, she drove 6 hours to get broken ribs treated because she "didn't want to inconvenience anyone."

She was one of the greats. I still feel her love every day.
Have I mentioned I love my public library system?
What's not to like, right?
Meanwhile in the DC area my Dad says they've had so much rain, the waterlogged earth is toppling trees upon houses.
Forest fires in Alaska? O_O First time I heard of it.
Then again… here in the Philippines, we have major house fires in the middle of strong rains, even during a storm…
Greetings from Spokane, where the local time is 17:23 and the temperature 36. Tomorrow is set to break a record with a high of 42. Due to wildfires, the air quality is currently rated as very unhealthy. Community events are being cancelled.
And so it begins...

The tree leaves are painted with the ashes of their fellow trees now in oblivion. The air is chalky and raw. The temperature is rising.

Climate Change doesn't care if you believe in it.
We've had a lovely storm this afternoon after what seems like weeks of 35+. 600l in the tank under the house and deliciously cool air now.
Here in central California we are also having high temperatures and smokey skies. I just now had to come inside from working outdoors because the smoke overwhelmed me.

Two fires are burning within 40 miles of our house, and several more fires further to the north.
My friend Michete's cover of You Spin Me Round (Like a Record).

Michete - You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
by Michete on YouTube
Me. 1984. 18 years old. 52 years, same haircut.
Ya young punk - all of life before you! - Oh to be 52 again!
smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes
Autochromes from the Te Papa collection


MUSEUM OF NEW ZEALAND TE PAPA TONGAREWA - Lissa Mitchell, Curator of Historical Documentary Photography, explores the work of three photographers creating autochromes in early 20th-century New Zealand.
Very educational, as usual:-) Thank you.
You are too kind.
'Amorous Pink Knight': Unseen Monty Python sketches revealed


Material from Michael Palin’s archives was written for Holy Grail but they had too many ideas to get in one movie
The killer bunny probably got him.
Three hundred and fifty-two billion dollars: narco-trafficking profits equal more than a third of the entire banking system's losses in 2009, according to the International Monetary Fund, and that's only the deducible tip of the iceberg we are sailing toward. The banks, which now own many people's existences and are capable of influencing the governments of even the richest and most democratic states, now find they too risk being held ransom. Once again the problem is no longer far away, in wretched countries such as Mexico and Columbia, or down in Sicily, Campania, and Calabria, a southern Italy that is both accomplice and victim of its ruin. I want to scream this loud enough so that people will know, so that they prepare themselves for the consequences.

-- Zerozerozero by Roberto Saviano


Welcome to the Next Deadly AIDS Pandemic
by cameronabadi on Foreign Policy
Hm. Wouldn't want to be bitten by those ticks or mosquitos.

And thanks for sharing @Charles Roth MPC
I don't know what to say about this. The article was not without hope. It was really a call to up the ante and escalate to the next level in the war against viruses and HIV, using our new skills in genetic modification. Regarding mosquitoes; there was something else in the news today, that an Australian town has successfully eliminated dengue fever, long-term, by releasing special mosquitoes that are incapable of carrying viruses. The next plan is to try the same tactic in Rio, and if it works there it should work anywhere, says the article.
But what kind of civilization are we calling into existence when it is based on ever more sophisticated combat with microbes and diseases? Even our present stage, in which population-wide inoculation is mandatory and maybe half the populace - especially those over 50 - is kept healthy by the daily intake of drugs (I haven't checked the statistics). Soon to be a natural, unvaccinated, un-drugged, un-augmented human will not only condemn you to a short lifespan, but society will regard you as a dangerous contagion threat, a public enemy. Regarding HIV positive people, or parents who refuse to get their kids vaccinated, I think we are already there.
Maybe "iced americano" is Charles's haircut name
Shaken by the coiffeur, stirred by the hat
On 30 July, I am pleased to announce my goals for 2018.
Utopia - haven't you read that already? ;-)
Yes, @Haakon Meland Eriksen (Els Mussols). Now I am going to imagine my own.
Good morning from Spokane, WA, where the expected high is 38° C.
I just took a loaf of bread from the oven. I have sun tea brewing on the windowsill, and an iced americano by my side. Courage!

English Beat: "Save It For Later"
by DocSavage on YouTube
Good morning from High Range, Australia where it's a torrid -3C.
Good afternoon from the Chihuahuan Desert where the expected high will be somewhere around 39-40C and we are expecting some severe thunderstorms with hail, high winds, and maybe even a tornado or two this evening while I am drinking my Cuba Libres.

Among the many books that are on my bedside today is one curious little work called "It Can't Happen Here" and the original Buck Rogers novel Armageddo 2419AD. On the listening front I am a little more wrapped up in either "Out of Africa" by Dinesen and the first Harry Potter book. I am not sure who will win tonight when I get done with my gig work.

2330 and it's a balmy 28C, but stupid hot today I tell you.

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Franklin Armstrong is a character in the long-running comic strip Peanuts, created by Charles M. Schulz. Introduced on July 31, 1968, Franklin was the first African-American character in the strip. He goes to school with Peppermint Patty and Marcie. In his first story arc, he met Charlie Brown when they were both at the beach. Franklin's father was a soldier fighting in Vietnam, to which Charlie Brown replied "My dad's a barber...he was in a war too, but I don't know which one." Franklin later paid Charlie Brown a visit and found some of Charlie Brown's other friends to be quite odd.

Continue reading...
I grew up around orcas. My heart is breaking.
Grieving orca mother carries dead calf for days as whales fight for survival


Whale is one of just 75 in an endangered group off the coast of Washington state and Canada
While others are remembered by their monuments
Trump's only trace shall be emoluments.
-- a poem by Charles Roth
though boastful pride did lead him far
they'll quickly smash his fallen star
All the little birdies on Jay Bird Street,
Loved to hear the Donald go "Tweet, Tweet, Tweet" ...

To a Minor Poet of the Greek Anthology

From the Spanish of Borges

Where are they now, those days that belonged to you
When you were here on earth? Passing days,

And your mind shuttling between their joys and sorrows
As if they displayed a pattern of the cosmos

That you would weave with your own words, someday.
Between the smooth clay banks of Time the current’s

Surge hasn’t carried a single verse of yours
Back down to us: your name survives as a footnote

Salvaged from the numbered flow of years
By a dense appendix. For you there are no inscriptions

Carved in shining marble, no grave profile
Staring back from medallions, and not one scholar

Scrupulous enough to record the living trace
Of your legacy. As long as the gods have chosen

To bestow on others that brilliance that never fades,
You’ll be left in the dark forever, dear friend.

And given that dark, what more can we say, really,
Except that once you heard the nightingales singing?

But even now, obscured by the growing shadow
Of the asphodels, your shade must stir a little

Against the inattentiveness of the gods—
Your shade in its silenced pride. But as long as the days

Add up to nothing more than a tangled web
Of the usual troubles, how could the gods have given you

Any greater blessing—you who are now the very
Substance of oblivion, the ash out of which

Nothing rises? The gods have cast their aura
Around the foreheads of others, minds whose vast,

Unyielding powers of illumination
Expose the heart of each mystery they encounter.

Which means they’re bound to reveal each flaw in the rose
They hold sacred—until the blaze of their greater ardor

For glory destroys it, petal by flaming petal.
The gods have treated you more tenderly, brother.

For an evening that will never get any darker,
You can listen to the nightingale of Theocritus,

And nothing there will ever disturb your rapture.
#poetry #mortality #oblivion

I am enjoying homemade hummus on my first loaf of homemade no knead bread.
Muy buena pinta
This thread is one of the things I love about Hubzilla.
@Charles Roth MPC Because St. Teresa said that God is also among the pots and pans? :-)
Mike Leigh's Peterloo: first trailer for drama about the notorious massacre


Mike Leigh follows Mr Turner with another period film, about the killing of protesters in Manchester in 1819 that led to the founding of the Guardian

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My first LONG WALK of the year: 12.72 km up a significant hill and back. This is my second best distance. #oldmanwalking
MANITO PARK, looking over the Duncan Garden at the Glaser Conservatory
And amid beautiful surroundings- good not just for the body but for the soul.