I openly admit that I did a lot of damage to the West, particularly to the United States, as a specialist in dirty tricks.

Lawrence Martin-Bittman, 87, Master of Disinformation, Dies


He was a dirty trickster for Czechoslovakia during the Cold War. Then he defected to the West and taught the perils of propaganda to journalism students.
The New York Times says I've been freeloading too many of their articles in order to see that, but a story about this character seems timely!
A fascinating guy who clearly enjoyed what he was doing.

New York Times article as a pdf.
interesting article, thanks. I think that courses in the development of critical thinking, critical reading of news media, etc. should be mandatory in schools. Of course, schools themselves are deeply implicated in the spread of disinformation.

Latest single and album. My friend Matthew is the lead singer, he also writes all the music and lyrics.
Listen to songs/Download the album here:

Atari Ferrari - Born In The Wrong Time
by Automatic Shoes / Atari Ferrari on YouTube

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Joe Jackson - Steppin' Out
by JoeJacksonVEVO on YouTube
Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, @Manuel !
You are my comrade in literature.
Hubzilla - Your Privacy. Your Data. Your Rules.
Good morning & Happy Friday from the Left Coast of the US, home of the liberal elites.

OMC - How Bizarre
by OMCVEVO on YouTube

John Deere Just Swindled Farmers Out of Their Right to Repair


The California Farm Bureau has given away the right of farmers to fix their equipment without going through a dealer.
One of the best sources for free eBooks I know (especially for German classics) is .

UI is a bit strange, and it's in German, but there's a library of English books, too. The maintainer also makes sure that the books are ok.
Good to see you, @Charles Roth MPC . :-) And with a map that looks like Amestris in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood on the wall too. ;-)
But Charles is very happy.
There are illustrious antecedents. An old friar who met Fray Leopoldo de Alpandeire said that the only thing he saw him eat all his life was fish soup... :-)
Chicken stock makes for great taste. :-)
Encounter with a baby porcupine, 2012
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Sorry, I was actually thinking of the hedge hog's sniff, we had several in the garden when I was a kid. It sounded like the one below, only repeatedly as it sniffed around. :-) heavy black heart

When you're asleep and smell food hedgehog (hedge hog)
by Chai Wala on YouTube

Traveling for free this weekend - to 1840's Ireland. This is Trollope's first novel. It did poorly at the time, but has since gained a reputation as worthwhile.
Macdermots Of Ballycloran, The - Trollope Society
In a pretentious but half-ruined house in County Leitrim called “Ballycloran” lived Larry Macdermot, senile at fifty; Thady, his well-meaning but ignorant son, who acted as his father’s agent; and a daughter, Feemy. She considered herself engaged to Captain Ussher, a police officer charged with the detection and destruction of the illegal potheen stills scattered …
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I appreciate this writer very much. I didn't know the Trollope Society existed.  Like!
I hope that in Spain we spoil our writers so much...

The wind/rain band is 925km across. Nearer the center will be sustained winds of 225km/r
You're very worried about his passing through the Philippines, I suppose... @Charles Roth MPC
Yes. Many friends and in-laws there. Most of them live south of the path, but...
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Tiempo de biodegradabilidad de los desechos en el mar
Mon (


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"Tiempo de biodegradabilidad de los desechos en el mar"


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My heart is breaking. Growing up in Seattle, seeing orcas from a beach was commonplace. If you were on a ferry you were likely to see a pod of Orcas. Now due to a combination of pollution, noise from boats, and a rapid decline in their food source, Chinook salmon, they face extinction. They are failing to breed. The last successful birth was three years ago. A calf was born in August but died. It's mother proceeded to carry her dead calf for days snd over 1,000 miles.

NOAA lays plan to capture ailing orca J50, announces public meetings

Plans are being laid to capture J50, the ailing young orca, as efforts to help her in the wild have failed and her condition continues to decline.

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The Carolinas, Georgia, and Virginia (basically the SE coast of the US) facing the possibility of devastating flooding from Florence, with another hurricane right behind. A hurricane is turning toward Hawaii, and a mega typhoon is on course for the Philippines. Japan is recovering from major flooding.
6 nuclear power plants in the path of Hurricane Florence.
A decent explanation for people not on the DWeb, as it is called.
Decentralisation: the next big step for the world wide web


The decentralised web, or DWeb, could be a chance to take control of our data back from the big tech firms. So how does it work and when will it be here?
I'm also not sure about those definitions. I find different statements, but see this diagram in various places. The URL from which this version of it is copied is


Looking at the diagram itself seems to imply that you got it right.
That's exactly the diagram I had in mind, yes. Sadly the ones raving for a distributed web tend to ignore that there are already loads of decentralized platforms around and that the design of the underlying technology has always been decentral.
in my head I have others: (:-P....)

distributed - like telegram and/or facebook - just a single brain for various servers around the world

decentralized - as diaspora and/or  gnusocial..... ....

federated -  diaspora and friendica and hubzilla that can talk to each other even if they are different networks.
We have wasted the Earth, now the Earth doth waste us.

With apologies to William Shakespeare
Yup, the Earth will outlive us, best not to piss it off any more than we already have while we are here.

Heading towards the Southeastern US.
That is quite some distance.
Be careful, all the luck to everybody!