Description: Locutores- voice overs
About: Locutor y poeta en
Location: Herefordshire, United Kingdom
Hometown: Weobley
Description: Locutores- voice overs
Keywords: Spanish, voice, over, voice, over
About: Soy locutor  en  y además poeta
Description: The last True Believer, doomed to a quixotic quest to defend the Enlightenment, Cultural Detective, Curious Antiquary, Noted Pedestrian, Voracious Reader, Thrift Privateer, Pluviophile, Eleut
Location: WA, USA
Hometown: Seattle WA USA
About: Cultural Detective, Amateur Lexicographer, Curious Antiquary, Noted Pedestrian, CGO-WWW (retired), Voracious Reader, Thrift Privateer, Free (as in Freedom) Software Advocate, Lord Warden of the Parlementum Servers, Pluviophile, Eleutheromaniac
Description: Marc
Location: temporary Lancashire :(
Hometown: Essex
About: I'm a Musician, into ambient droney type stuff like you hear on Soma FM Drone Zone. Facebook refugee
Description: Hempster
Location: Spain
Description: A kind of private eye of learning
"A sudden illumination: I had a trade after all. I would set up a cultural investigation agency, be a kind of private eye of learning. Instead of sticking my nose into all-night dives and cathouses, I would skulk around bookshops, libraries, corridors of university departments. Then I'd sit in my office, my feet propped on the desk, drinking, from a dixie cup, the whiskey I'd brought up from the corner store in a bag. The phone rings and a man says: Listen I'm translating this book and came across something or someone called Motakallimun. What the Hell is it? Give me two days I tell him. Then I go to the library.... ...I had a strict rule, which I think secret services follow, too: No piece of information is superior to any other. Power lies in having them all on file and then finding the connections. There are always connections; you have only to want to find them."
  -- Umberto Eco, Foucault's Pendulum
Description: Slackware Forum in Zot Planet
Keywords: slackware, slack, linux, unix
Description: Giac lo SquartaZuckerberg
About: Italian in Brazilian-land
Age: 11
Location: Xerta, Catalunya, Spain
Age: 52
Location: Xerta, Catalunya, Spain
Hometown: Clitheroe