High Range, Australia 
So 30km from here, they're building a housing subdivison on top of a Koala corridor. Koalas are specific about the types of eucalyptus leaves they eat. These only grow along river/stream beds, hence 'corridor'. If you destroy this corridor there is no escape route for the koalas. They need to cross what is essentially a barren desert to them in order to migrate out of the threatened territory. Once the corridor is destroyed, the Campbelltown koala population will vanish. These are the last koalas in the world that are still fertile, because they don't have chlamydia. There are still a few dozen koalas in the southern highlands (on the other side of the Campbelltown corridor) which don't have chlamydia.  They are hiding out in the Blue Mountains Heritage Area (across the street from me) and travelling along the last known corridor. There are also a few dozen koalas in Victoria and Queensland, but they have chlamydia and probably won't survive 2-3 more generations. This is it folks. This is the last stand of the koala.

I understand that you may not have any sympathy for an endangered species that is alien to you; seeing as how it only exists on the other side of the world.

A million species are going to be wiped out of existence from the planet earth in the next five years. You're next.  Hope you aren't depending on the koalas to protect and defend your corridors.
i will send this pdf to my friend, she owns like 900 Lush stores in North America and she's on the board of directors for the company. I see there are Lush stores in Australia, at least one in Sydney. It's something they should publicize IMHO. I'm pretty sure She could easily pick up the phone and call whoever owns the stores in australia and make something happen in like 2 minutes. But I cannot promise anything..

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she said she would check into it. I know she cares about animals, about 10 years ago she pretended to be a bloody seal in the street in toronto to bring attention to the seal killing issue.


hopefully they will get behind the koalas !
I've seen a couple of save the koalas commercials on prime time Sydney TV, produced by the Wollondilly council; so somebody is apparently helping out financially. That's good but we still need to raise awareness further. Better yet if we could shine a light on the state agency/bureaucrat that has the power to fix this. The Aussie housing bubble is also hitting a plateau which might buy us a bit more time; since it could slow development on the short term.