High Range, Australia 
Dang. Huge #bushfire. No, nothing major. Thousands of houses, an industrial park, a military air base with fuel tanks and a nuclear research center. All at immediate risk. 45 minutes away.
yikes. hope you and your family are out of harm's way
Make sure to give us an update since it's been more than 45 minutes. Unless you didn't mean your house was included.
It's in the southwest corner of the Sydney metro. The fire is no direct threat to us unless the wind changes. It's a heavy wind, which is a big part of the problem. Blowing mostly to the east we're south and a smidgen to the west. None of the news reports are mentioning the nuclear facility and this is the only thing that really concerns me. We don't know for sure what goes on there or what risks might be present. There are still a lot of homes at risk. It's miraculous that they've protected them to this point, as the fire is marching right past a number of residential subdivisions.