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It's a very long tunnel, but I can finally see a glimmer of light at the other end. I'm currently guesstimating about 6 weeks before a public preview of denim. Zap will be about 4 weeks behind that. Vassal and backporting Zot6 to Hubzilla probably around Xmas.

So what are all these things?

Denim is the basic Zot6 social app. It is nomadic and does social networking and nothing else. Really truly nothing else. Your first channel will be a social channel and you can also create either a restricted or public forum.  There are no other choices. There is not now and never will be federation with anything that doesn't support nomadic communications.

Zap is the Zot6 community app. It does a few additional things for those who want to use Zot in the workplace or with their community. It won't do nearly as much as Hubzilla. It also does not federate with anything that isn't nomadic. Not now. Not ever. Never.

Vassal (formerly Mule) is a gateway between nomadic and non-nomadic networks. It speaks Zot6 and ActivityPub. Local channels are not allowed to replicate (they can only relocate), hence it federates with non-nomadic services. Vassal identities can be linked with nomadic identities on other sites and this provides the requisite bridging between the two universes. Identity linkage means that messages will flow back and forth but connections and other data will not. It's similar to API federation, so if you want to communicate with Diaspora folks from a nomadic platform, you'll need to create a separate channel on Vassal and link the identity to your nomadic channel. If the Vassal server goes down you can relocate the linked channel, but you'll lose any connections on services that don''t provide relocation. (Friendica supports relocation. Diaspora may or may not provide relocation by Xmas. Mastodon does not currently provide relocation, though it is being discussed.)
@Haakon Meland Eriksen (Els Mussols) Fair enough. It will now be known as Vassal.
@Mike Macgirvin exiting news! What will change for plugins likes chess?
There are a few changes to the way plugins work, but most should only take a couple of minutes to port. Those that hook directly into the delivery system will be harder.