Hubzilla Bugfix Release 3.6.1!


  • Issue with apps pointing to wrong channel
  • Typo in SQL query
  • Federation addon issues

Please update ASAP!

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@Jens (public) Ignoring it won't help you a lot, git will refuse to merge the upstream changes unless you tell it what to do. Here's a better way:

% git stash
% ./util/udall
% git stash pop

The first line, will create a temporary commit, store your changes there, and clean your changes from the working dir. Then update as normal, and the last line will repply your changes, and drop the temporary commit created earlier.

Be aware that if there has been upstream changes to the file you changed locally, there may be conflicts.

The proper way of handling local changes is probably to create a branch containing your changes, and merging upstream changes into it for every update. Or create a mirror of the official repos with your changes applied :)
Ignoring it won't help you a lot

Until locally modified file is not differ from file in the repository this can be ignored. But git stash is more safe way of course.
thanks alot @Harald Eilertsen , noted for future updates